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Five Players, One Dream

Just this past weekend, I had the opportunity to watch the new basketball documentary about LeBron James, “More Than A Game.” The film was truly incredible to watch and one of the most inspirational videos I have seen in a while. It talks about the “phenom’s” life growing up and the hype he brought to high school basketball. However, the documentary goes deeper beyond basketball, and enters the world of five young teenagers. These boys only wanted to be together during the tough times and celebrate with each other during the good. Through all the poverty and racial issues they endured growing up, each teenager found a sanctuary on the basketball court and ran with the opportunities given to them. All five elected not to attend the local “colored” school and enrolled at a primary white catholic school down the road, in Akron Ohio. There were hardships on the court as each boy faced their own adversity, but they always pulled for one another. LeBron was very emotional during the interviews, which was shown throughout the video. As far as he was concerned, this was his family and he would often recite, “ you play your heart out for your family.” We begin to see that life for these boys was about more than just basketball. It was about growing up and becoming successful adults in the real world. Many doors opened for each of the players. Two of them are currently playing professionally in Europe, two of them are in graduate school and one of them is doing seasonal work in Cleveland. In many instances, sports, and in this case basketball, only last for a short time. Basketball ends up being so small in the total scheme of life. The lesson this movie conveys to us allows us to see that basketball is “More Than A Game.” It is about life.


Have you ever flown on a plane and been bored out of your mind? I certainly have. The last thing I want to do after boarding a plane is wait and listen to the flight safety procedures and regulations. In the many flights I have taken, I have yet to notice one person giving their utmost attention to the flight attendant while he or she is giving the pre-flight talk. Southwest Airlines has found the man for the job. His name is David Holmes. He has found a unique way to present the information to the passengers by rapping his preflight safety precautions. Not only does he rap, but he gets the passengers to help him out by creating a beat of their own by stomping and clapping. There isn’t a person in the plane who isn’t intrigued by Dave’s new pre-flight methods. Not only has Dave found a way to help people pay attention to what he has to say, but he has also found a way to brighten everyone’s day just a bit. Here he is:

taylormade_r9_soleSeveral years ago Taylormade golf began producing the well known r7 drivers.  After many models they have decided to come out with the r9.  A driver producing up to 75 yards of different ball flights off the tee.  As well as a weight in the hosel that can change the loft of the club, and whether the club sets  up for a draw, fade, or neutral shot.  The r9 is being used on tour by many players.  Sergio Garcia has put one in his bag, as well as Casey Wittenberg, a PGA pro that sometimes trains at IMG academies.  The r9 is available in two different models, the r9 and r9 tp.  The r9 tp is a club designed with a slightly open face preventing draw, and made for higher swing speeds.  The two clubs have just been released, and prices are starting at $399.99 for the r9 driver, and $599.99 for the r9 tp driver.  Taylormade also has r9 fairway woods produced and ready to go.


On Tuesday afternoon, a gunman went on a shooting spree and killed 9 people before he shot himself. The killings took place in two neighboring Alabama towns before the shooter killed himself at a metals plant. There are four suspects, however, the Alabama Department of Safety has yet to release the list of names. The first of the nine shootings occurred in Samson, Alabama. The gunman shot five people in one home and then killed one each in two separate homes. The shooter shot at a state trooper’s vehicle as well, hitting the car seven times and wounding the trooper. When police arrived at the Reliable Metal Products north of Geneva, the killer went on another shooting spree, luckily, no one was killed. He fired an estimated 30 rounds and hit an officer. The officer was saved by his bullet proof vest. Then, the shooter went inside the building and shot himself to death.

t1_0308_arodzelevanskyA-Rod or A-Fraud, as many are growing to know him, has decided to go with surgery on his torn Librium. A-Rods doctor says the surgery will not be a big deal at all. I think this is the most positive thing A-Rod can do at this point in time. A-Rod is a locker room pain in the side right now. He is drawing way to much attention for a team in spring training. It will definitely be tough on the Yankees this year. They will have a lot of work to do if they want to stay in contention in the AL East this year and A-Rod is in for a long season. He will have a lot of people on his back and he is going to have to deal with the media watching him every second in every game. I feel bad for A-Rod but I think this is a great lesson to anyone who has any thoughts about cheating at anything in life. Do not do it as the repercussions from it will last you a life time.

paris-hilton-lindsay-lohanParis Hilton held her official 28th birthday party last weekend (March 7th) in Las Vegas. It was held at Body English (Hard Rock Hotel) and all her close friends were invited, as well as the cast from her show ‘My BFF’.  Paris walked the pink carpet in a jeweled tube dress and tons of diamonds. Paris’ new boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt, was constantly beside her and the two were constantly taking photos and kissing the whole night. Doug has appeared on ‘The Hills’ and had dated Lauren Conrad as well as Amanda Bynes.  Paris’ real birthday was last month and she invited close friends over to her house for a party.  Paris performed one of her songs, then started to sing happy birthday along with her guests.  Jeff Beacher, a famous Vegas showman, known for his random and out of control parties, designed her cake. Paris is going to be taping a brand new season of ‘My BFF’ this week with a “completely different concept”.  Paris is also in the process of starting her own nightclub in Vegas. The old Club Paris in Orlando closed a few years ago.

paolo-espinoThe world baseball classic is a great idea and it is an outstanding event that a lot of people watch.  It brings out a strong national pride in people as everyone is rooting for their own country wanting them to win it all.  I watched Panama play on Saturday night with some of my friends and even though they got destroyed it wasn’t a complete loss.  One of my good friends Paolo Espino, who graduated from Pendleton, is a pitcher in the Indians organization and pitched for Panama in the WBC in that game against Puerto Rico.  He came in a tough spot with one out and 2 men on and Ivan Rodriguez at the plate.  Well Ivan hit his second homerun of the night to right field to unload the bases. After Paolo got out of the inning he went in for another one and had to face Alex Rios, and Carlos Beltran.  He got Alex Rios to fly out, and Beltran to hit a weak infield bleeder to third base but he beat it out.  Even though it wasn’t his best outing of the year he only made one or two mistake pitches.  One of which was to one of the best hitting catchers in the game.  Panama is out… GO USA!