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Katerina Prorokova was born in December 21, 1990.  She is from Czech Republic.  Katerina has been playing golf for 7 years and she really enjoys it.  All of her friends know she is a really hard worker. Every time when I go golf, she already had been practice for hours.  During the weekend she still wakes up early just for practice.  She also keeps on school too.   She has a high gpa in school.  All of this hard work make she won the Maria Garcia Estrada award in the golf banquet.  Which is the greatest player of the year.  Katerina came to IMG in 2008 and she really enjoy it. Beside golf, she also played tennis before. And she like all kinds of winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.   Katerina is one of the people that I respect a lot.  She always know what she is dong and keep everything organized. Next year Katerina is going to University of Nevada – Las Vegas. I think she will do a really good job in college and I wish her the best luck in golf and school.   — Allie Weng


Chandini Meka is from Sydney,  Australia. She was born October 30, 1991.  She has one sister that is studying in Australia.  Before she starts to play golf she used to play tennis – and she is pretty good.  But after touch the golf, she realizes she like the golf more than tennis.  So Chandini stated to play golf when she was fourteen years old.  And in the year of 2008 she decided to improve her golf level, she come to the IMG.  After coming to IMG, her golf game improved a lot. She is a really funny and nice person. When ever you talk to her she always glad to give you feedback.  When you ask her for help she is always there for you.  She is going to college next year at Fairleigh Dickinson University.  I think she will really enjoy college life and I wish her the best luck in college.   — Allie Weng

Matilda Tse is from Hong Kong.  She was born in December 30, 1992.  She has one older sister.  Matilda is a really shy girl, but when you get to know her you will found out she is a really nice and funny person.  She likes to help out others when they have problem.  She stated to play golf when she was thirteen years old.   She really enjoys playing golf.  And in the year of 2007 she decided that she want to bring her golf game in to a next level.   She came to IMG in 2007.   During the years she improved a lot on her golf game.  In the other hand she is also really good at school.  She finished strong in her last semester with straight A’s.  She says she also is really interested in music. She wants to become a DJ in one day.  Anyways, I wish her the best in college.   Good luck and keep up the hard work.   — Allie Weng

During my first year of Pendleton I met Christina Miller. She Showed a quick dedication to golf. Seizing every opportunity to learn, her talent and dedication to her sport has brought her down the college road.  The University of Mississippi is lucky to have her talents, on and off the golf course, and I can’t imagine a more suitable venue for her to become whatever she wants to be. Watching her career from the beginning I cant be more proud of my classmate for achieving all that she has.   — Anthony Boyer

Lavery Kumar is from New Delhi, India. She is 18 year old and she is very smart.  She has very good vocabulary and very good GPA .  She is going to college next year.  She is catholic.  She loves to watch soccer, tennis and golf on tv. S he plays golf at the IMG Academies . She is very talented and one of the best players in all academy in all world.  She gets all As in schools , she enjoys to go to school and her favourite sport is golf.  She is also going back to her country over summer and attenting college here in USA.  She is going to college on scholarship for golf.   — Barbora Lazarova

Jen Gorman is a senior at The Pendleton School. She plays golf, this is her 2nd year at IMG.  She was born in Chicago.   She plays really good golf and she is very happy with the academy. She attends afternoon golf and she goes to school in the morning.  She wants to become a professional LPGA Tour golfer.  She is 18 years old, and she plans to attend a good university next year.  This is her last year in the academy and plans to attend a good university for golf next year, chasing her dreams on becoming a professional golfer.  — Alson Keeler

Laetitia Beck has attended IMG Academies for four years.  She will be playing golf for Duke next year and is still undecided on her major.  She was born in Antwerp, Belgium on February 5th, 1992.  She has played golf for about 9 years now and hopes to be a professional golfer in the future.  She is a very competitive person and loves sports in general, not just golf.  Laetitia is very hard working and has a bright future ahead of her.