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Being from Philadelphia I have seen many crazy people and many people that act without thinking. Regardless if they blurt out derogatory words, throw punches when it is not necessary or pull a trigger without thinking of the consequences. I myself have my moments but when you’re raised in such a city of chaos and problems it is just natural to have a little insanity inside of you. This past week a 59-year-old man was arrested for shooting a woman, because she was calmly sitting on his car in Northeast Philadelphia. The man had said that the women as well as others had been sitting on his car for some time and he had to “get rid of them.” The woman shot was 30 years old and is recovering a local hospital for sever chest wounds. Mayes, the man who pulled the trigger, has been charged with murder, assault as well as illegal possession of a weapon. This man’s actions are inexplicable and obviously wronged, but this is Philadelphia for you, the devil’s playground.



Nearly 13 people were killed and a dozen injured in the northwest part of Pakistan this past Saturday. The attack occurred right at a security checkpoint in Mingora, one of the largest cities in Pakistan. The Taliban are said to be responsible for the attack as they continue to bring misery to those around them. The Taliban as we know is one of the most dominant terrorist groups in the world, many of which believe is headed by Osama bin Laden. Reports read that a man approached the security checkpoint and security began to open fire when the man refused to stop moving. In a matter of an instance he “detonated” explosives and many innocent people were blown to pieces. To make matters worse for the Pakistan civilians, a day before the blast occurred, there was another suicide bombing in Lahore that killed nearly 44 people and injured 100. Even after all the bombings and killings, threats continue to be pouring into Pakistan and it seems as though peace will never be an answer.


In the previous week, I wrote about the upcoming election in Iraq and the possible violence that could impact it. Sure enough, as the election went on this past week there were many risks and caution for any people who came out to vote. Bombings could be heard from short distances away from Baghdad, but the violent attacks did not stop the Iraqis from casting their votes on March 7, 2010. Many of the voters described the day as, “an opportunity we couldn’t miss.” The adult voters want to ensure that their kids have the best leader available to them. This is about the impact of the vote on their children’s lives, not necessary their life. After the day ended it had been reported that nearly 38 people had been killed from the attack. On a positive note, the election got nearly 55% voter turnout, which is a much larger number than anyone expected. The people here have been miserable for many years, and this election gave them a way to express their feelings and looking for a change in a government in order to provide them with services such as water, jobs and security. Obama was said to congratulate the Iraqis on their election and the courage each and every one of them demonstrated by coming out to vote.

This past Sunday was the holiday Valentines Day, aka the most ridiculous holiday ever. Most people who enjoy Valentines Day are those who are in a relationship and have lovely dovey stuff.  To be honest  I support the reason behind the holiday, I think it is important to celebrate love and the love ones around you. But honestly, it has transformed into an idea of pink, roses, and chocolates. It is sad how our society has conformed to  made Valentines Day is the only day that you say “Love” in a sentence. It should be EVERYDAY. Not only that, but you don’t need to be in relationship to enjoy Valentines Day. Being single and still celebrating is always fun. You know that girls night out, and can always get your mom something. The one holiday a year should be year around, with all the pink and flowers joyful.

Taliban forces assembled in Afghanistan.

The United States military scored an immense victory recently as they succeeded in capturing Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who is the Taliban’s Top Military Commander and second in command behind Mullah Mohammad Omar who was the founder of the Taliban. This critical move made by the United States is a vital turning point in the current war on terror. He was arrested and apprehended in a Pakistani-CIA co-operation that made a big move into the midst of Southern Afghanistan in the port city of Karachi. Since the September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, Baradar is the highest ranking Taliban leader to have been arrested by the United States. Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan and there had been many rumors circulating that various high ranking officers in the Taliban resided there. However, the Taliban has repetitively denied all claims saying that Baradar was still with them, but would not present any evidence to prove their case. They stated that it was all propaganda against them.


Last night, February 11, 2010, a suicide bomber attacked the United States base in eastern Afghanistan wounding nearly five U.S. soldiers. Many wonder how the man got on the U.S. base territory in the first place. It is being reported that he wore an Afghan border police uniform and was obviously not monitored closely enough as he passed through security. The last suicide attack on a U.S. base in Afghanistan, December 30 2009, killed nearly seven officers and a Jordanian army captain. The Taliban claimed to be responsible for the December 30th attack. Fortunately, no American soldiers were reported dead as a result of this suicide attempt. There are many people that continue to ask and question why we are still in Afghanistan and Iraq, but the more important question is, will this war and terrorism ever end. In my opinion, I believe the war on terror, which many say initially started after the 9/11 attacks, will never end. It’s similar to sense that, we as people go through life and will find people that like us as friends and those that for some reason or just don’t like it. There will plenty of countries that don’t “like” the U.S. and therefore they will continue to wage war.




As we continue our life here in the U.S, we are currently occupied with a huge national debt problem, the Super Bowl on the horizon, President Obama to make his First State of the Union speech and a guy named Tiger. However, our lives wouldn’t be nearly as hectic and stressful as they are without another little gift recording from our dear friend, Osama bin Laden. Around 9am on January 24th 2010, bin Laden allegedly recorded a new audiotape, which claims his responsibility for attempting to blow up a plane en route to Michigan and warns the United States of future attacks. Bin Laden issued a warning that, “the United States will not dream of enjoying safety until we live it in reality in Palestine.” His whole problem now is that we are here enjoying the luxurious lifestyle and his people over in Palestine are suffering a great deal. As a result we must pay for their failures. No one is 100 percent sure that the tape is authentic but one way or another bin Laden continues to instill fear in the American people. This was his first tape released since September 25, 2009. Intelligence experts have reported bin Laden is still living and is located somewhere in the Pakistan-Afghanistan mountain region. However, they have been reporting that for the last nine years and still no one has been able to locate his position, even if he is still alive. Once again our country is faced with controversy and threats but just like before we will act in a responsible manner and defend the country millions of us believe in and love.