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Question?The points that you never make clear

Like the things that go in one and come out the other ear

Like the words that I speak are real

And that I’m ready to seal the deal

But you let your friends feel your head

With all the things that you dread

If our love is true

If I mean it if I say I love u

The question of will we make it through

But what of the questions I never ask you

As you say I switch and change

What about that your emotions that always rearrange

One minute your mad at me for the other woman who you say I see

Or for that fact that I’m treating u more like a homie

Well they say that love will set u free

But I feel as your just ball and chaining me

I’m not telling you what you want to hear

I’m telling you what u truly fear

And that’s the fact that your special enough to be loved

Even though you have had it hard and rough



well here we are once again
going into a new year, this one is called 2010
we can think about the loses and wins
that we took in our lives
and all the things that took us by surprise
such as things we thought we would never see in our eyes
from our nation having a black president
Michael Jacksons untimely descent
to Chris Brown losing it
even Tiger Woods losing sponsorships
Oprah announcing she is calling it quits
Usain Bolt breaking all the records at 2009 Olympics
and we can’t forget about Michael Phelps bringing home 8 gold
as you can see 2009 was a long winding road
with many great and bad things to behold
yet we give thanks cause we made it through
and once again we have a chance to start a new
to continue to do everything we dream of
and make those proud who left to above
give thanks to those we lost
and to the peoples whose paths we crossed
as we all strive to become greater
and brush our shoulders off of all our haters
also as we move past our love experiences to
the good, the bad, the happy and the sad
just know that the greatest love you have is you
move on from those times
but don’t forget those patterns and lines
for those moments were meant to happen too
so as we finish this year
I hope and pray that we all live this new year
without any fear
lets just prepare to make the 2010 year extra rare!

poetryIn poetry we see the world through many different windows. It can give the reader insight into the writers mind. The reason I enjoy poetry is its power of expression. When reading a poem you can find many general meanings that differ with each reader. Truly amazing poetry will not have a message within its text, but will make a reader aware of the message within themselves. Writers like Whitman and Twain, have become immortal through their poetry. This freedom of expression enables us to explore different ideals. Exploring the depths of our emotions and observing the world as these writers have, will save us from the ignorance that seems to be plaguing our society.

my heart


(With time)


my mind


(i continue)


my soul


(to live)


my world


(without you.)

I don’t need you

Just the air I breath

I don’t want you

Just listen as my heart still beats

But I still see you through you

See the scars you hide

I see right through you

I see where your emotions died

And as I lay here

under all my pride

I still miss you

and my hears still burns

still burning for you

the heat growing with time

The roaring sound of one mans voice

Leading the march of many

Leading them with a dream

A dream of equality

A dream of justice

One man is as equal as any other

One mans voice as powerful as his words

If you dare strike him down

His dream will still echo through the hearts of many

An echo that becomes louder each time it rings

Striking fear into the hearts of the prejudice

As they become the minority

As the evils of racism are unveiled

We as a people, from all different origins

Stand equal


living for what

living for who?

if im living for you

the whats the meaning of “I” or “Me”

you made me to blame me

you tell me to do but if im you

then why dont you do it too?

nothing makes me something

if i do nothing to live for you

then i am me

and through simply nothing

i am set free


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