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British scientists studying a strain of swine flu responsible for the outbreak of respiratory diseases in Ukraine are suspicious that it may have mutated. Some of the symptoms, doctors say, are reminiscent of the infamous “Spanish flu” that broke out in Europe after the First World War and took on the most conservative estimates, more than 20 million lives. In particular, the lungs of the victims of the virus are black as coal, said one of the doctors in western Ukraine, describing the manifestations of the virus. “We conducted an autopsy of the two victims and found that their lungs are black as coal. They look as if they were burnt. It’s terrible,” – quoted Ukrainian doctor British edition The Daily Mail.  Chief doctor of the Lviv Emergency Hospital Miron Borisevich identified the diagnosis as viral pneumonia. “We do not believe that this is swine influenza A/H1N1. But we do not know what kind of pneumonia it is” – he added. This is acting at the time the virus “Spanish flu”. As established scientists, it caused an uncontrolled reaction of the immune system, causing the immune cells to attack the organs of the respiratory system. Such a reaction, as shown by experiments on animals, in a few days destroyed their lungs and lead to death. The death total in Ukraine during the flu epidemic is 299 people.



Euro 2012, Soccer stadium in Donetsk

Two young lecturers of Donbass State Academy of Architecture received awards from the president for their development of the Euro-2012 rooftops for soccer stadiums. Candidates of Technical Sciences Vadim Kasimov and Yuri Kalmykov included in a group of four Ukrainian scientists who did the calculations for the construction of roofs for domestic stadiums.  They made some of the reinforcement layouts of the roof with sensors that show the deformation of the stadium from the snow, rain or strong wind. With these calculations, other architects can quickly create roofs of any design.  “The main thing to withstand not only its own weight, but also a burden on the weather. Here’s the little hooks on the part of their almost not visible, which can hang the weights of different weights. This we have tested, as the pressure is distributed in each section of the roof “, – explained to us by Vadim Kasimov. Special equipment for testing the stadium roof in Ukraine yet, so developers twisted scrap materials: snow drifts portrayed cellophane bags with sand, and the struts of the roof were put on by champagne corks.  Meanwhile, development of Donetsk scientists have become interested colleagues from Poland, who also are going to lay all of their stadiums.


Yulia Timoshenko

During a conference call redarding the country’s preparations for the upcoming winter, Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko completely ruled out the possibility of a new gas conflict arising with Russia. “We have created a model that will work for several decades and prevent any potential gas crises” Tymoshenko stated. “This also signifies our political independence, since we will not have to ask for anything from anyone” she observed. The PM indicated that Naftogaz, of Ukraine had accrued a record-high amount of its own natural gas – about 25.4bn cubic meters. At the moment, Ukrainian underground storage’s hold roughly 26.34bn cubic meters of gas. Tymoshenko also observed that Ukraine managed to acquire this gas without any foreign loans, stressing that this fact proved the country was independent. She also pointed out that Ukraine was poised to continue paying Russia for all gas supplies, in full. “The situation that was characteristic of Viktor Yanukovych’s term in office during 2006-2007, when Ukraine’s debt to Gazprom reached $1.5bn, will not repeat itself. We will fulfill all our obligations to Russia,” she asserted.

Elton-John-001 Elton John has announced that he wants to adopt a 14-month-old boy from an orphanage in Ukraine who has “stolen his heart”. John, 62, performed Circle of Life for the children – most of whom had lost their parents to Aids – during a visit to the country with his Aids foundation. At a press conference, he and partner David Furnish, 46, were asked whether they thought of adopting and John announced he would like to adopt one of the children, Lev, He said: “David and I have always talked about adoption, David always wanted to adopt a child and I always said ‘no’ because I am 62 and I think because of the travelling I do and the life I have, maybe it wouldn’t be fair for the child.  But having seen Lev today, I would love to adopt him. I don’t know how we do that but he has stolen my heart. And he has stolen David’s heart and it would be wonderful if we can have a home. I’ve changed my mind today.”


In Lvov, Ukraine a group of people decided to make a unique art design on the side of a residential building. The people did this in order to attract visitors. It is a giant crossword puzzle that is 100 feet tall and is on the sides of a multi-story building. During the day, the puzzle appears empty. Though, during the night a special black lights can be turned on and it reveals all the words in a green glow. The questions for the puzzle are located in different points of the city like monuments, theaters and fountains. When people are walking around the city they can try to answer the questions and write down their answers. When it is night time they can come to the building and check their intelligence.  I believe this is a great idea to attract visitors because all of the buildings around the one with the crossword, are plain black and white. When people visit monuments, they will see the questions and want to see if they are right. This is a very cool and unique idea, maybe we will see it appear on some American buildings today.

Kiev is a remarkable city.  I do not know other such city where so easily breathed by a full breast.  And though today there are a lot of machines poisoning the air – always there is an opportunity to go on the coast of the river Dnepr.  There is no place more perfect!   The landscape parks on the hills are beautiful!  It would be desirable to admire for hours the graceful churches of Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra.  The kind on which sun shines off the gilding of its domes.  Here opens an entrance to an older part of city through the bridge Patona.  Such minutes it seems, that you adjoin to eternity. Fantastically beautiful view of green slopes, whisper of water, the fresh wind filling a breast…  Such it was also hundred, and two hundred, three hundred years ago. And let it always be such!    — Alex Bilorozovkiev