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I have been researching about the percentage of which team is going to win and well it is for sure not definitely one team.  I would have to say the favorite to win is Kentucky, Kentucky is one of the most famous for producing great players out of their program in years past.  This year, a phenomenon name John Wall helped the Wildcats to a number one seed in this years East bracket.  Their first game is against East Tennessee which should be a breeze considering their talent, although their next game may be very difficult to overcome.  They most likely will play Texas, Texas is a number 6 seed in the East bracket but do not underestimate Texas they were the number one seed in the nation at one point during the 2010 season.  Although they struggled after losing 3 straight games the Longhorns look forward to playing the Wildcats, they believe if they win against them, no team will stop their momentum for a national title.  This should be very interesting, but GO LOBOS!


Most people from the United States as well as everyone in the world have heard of March Madness.   The reason professionals called the NCAA championships “March Madness” is because in the 65 team bracket is played throughout March and to the beginning of April.  This year has not been exactly as plan, throughout the season eight teams have been knocked from the top ten teams in the nation.  Although many teams have been consistent throughout such as Kentucky, Duke, Syracuse, and under-dog New Mexico.  Kentucky, Duke, and Syracuse were no surprise but New Mexico was.  New Mexico was not even ranked in the beginning of the season, and look at them now.   They have lost three games sporadically throughout this exciting season, critics say that UNM reminds them of the former underdog “George Mason University” from years back.  This will be a very interesting March Madness! Go Lobos

Can the Lobos be stopped?  The underdog team has had a miraculous season so far.   The polls didn’t have the University of New Mexico ranked at the beginning of the season, because they do not have a “standout” athlete such as John Wall.  The most satisfying part of this cinderella story is, the Lobos work as a team.  They never give up on balls that may have seemed unreachable.  The Lobos have been ranked throughout the season, going from the bottom to the top and now they embark on the top ten ranking with the number ten spot for this week.  Their hard work has really paid off for them, hours before the opponent would arrive to the “Pit”, the five starters would be in the gym working on their free throws in advance for the next team. Hopefully their hard work will pay off for them in March Madness! Go Lobos

At the beginning of the season, many scouts thought that the University of New Mexico was a joke, until they beat four top ten ranked teams in the nation.  Then all of a sudden the commentators on ESPN  stated that the Lobos might have a chance of making the final four.  It would be a cinderella story, but I have high hopes for this hard working New Mexico team.  Recently they had a tough battle against the University of Las Vegas, it was a two point deficient with 20 seconds on the clock and the Lobos tied it up to go into Overtime, once the clock began there was no stopping the powerful lobo offense, they scored ten points in a matter of two minutes giving them a huge lead that was nearly impossible for UNLV to come back, and they did not.  This gave the lobos credibility because UNLV was ranked until they lost to the Lobos.  Hopefully they continue to do well going into March Madness.

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The New Mexico Lobos defeated San Diego State last week by 2 in overtime.  This gave the Lobos some momentum going into this weeks tough game because they had previously lost to SDSU so this exciting win hopefully gives then enough strength to beat (an inner-conference rival) the University of Las Vegas.  UNLV has been very hot recently winning five straight games.  Previously UNLV was ranked 9th and upset by the New Mexico Lobos.  Both teams have tremendous work ethics with outstanding coaching.  Although if New Mexico can play good defense and with timely three’s UNM has the  opportunity to continue and rocket up the rankings.  They are ranked 15th in the AP poll for the second straight week.  With this win they could potentially move up to top ten or close to it.  Many critics say that New Mexico does not have any depth, although I have to disagree, no team can win and perform the way they have this year.  GO LOBOS










Rick Pitino, the head basketball coach at The University of Louisville, has been in the news lately and not for winning basketball games. In 2003 Rick Pitino had consensual sex and paid for an abortion with the woman that tried to extort him. Karen Sypher was federally charged in April with demanding cars, tuition for her children and 10 million dollars. Pitino was interviewed by the police and confessed to having sex and giving Sypher $3000 for an abortion. Pitino did deny that he raped Sypher. Pitino is married with five children has not filed divorce papers or stepped down as the basketball coach either. Pitino did publicly apologize to his family and the college. He says that he wants to stay with the team and continue being their coach. Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich says that “Pitino is our guy and we have no intentions on letting him go.”