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The 82 year old man.

Just recently, there have been many stories in the news about an 82 year old Indian man who says that he doesn’t need food or water to survive.  He says that he relies on meditation and getting his necessary nutrition through the air.  Due to the many reports, the Indian army have sent some doctors round to examine and keep watch on the man.  They are going to study what he does for every minute of the day and figure out why he can live “without” food.  Apparently, a few years ago some scientists observed the man for weeks and said that he didn’t eat or drink.  The only problem was that he lost weight.  They believed that if he truly got all of his nutritional needs through the air, he wouldn’t loose weight.  It is truly a fascinating story and will be very interesting to follow.  I would really struggle to last without food and drink for one day, never mind forever!

Coca Cola Red Bottle

Coca Cola Red Bottle

I’m going to write about how Pepsi and Coca Cola is really bad for athletes. My roommate drinks a lot of coke and a lot of Pepsi. When he’s thirsty, he doesn’t drink water he just drinks coke and Pepsi. A few days ago, he bought 40 bottles of coke and he has now almost finished. I think that if you are an athlete, and someone who has to run every day, you have to stop drinking coke and Pepsi. Soda creates a lot of bad things in our body. Such as, if you drink a lot of coke or soda it makes you have yellow teeth plus, it makes your muscles weaker.  Soda has a lot of sugar, one bottle contains 38 grams of sugar. Coke is not good for your body. Most people drink it because it tastes good. They decide to keep drinking it and don’t think about their body. If you really want to drink coke, it’s not a problem if you have it sometimes. But you should drink only once a week. In my opinion athletes should not drink soda.

Stop drinking and driving campaign

Stop drinking and driving campaign

People drink and drive, it is a big problem that is not easy to solve.  These people believe that they are special, that nothing bad will happen to them.  For some people, their drink driving causes them big problems.  Right now, nobody knows the consequences of drink driving better than Gabriella Edmondson.   On the 7th of April, Gabriella, her best friend Grace Hadman, and two other passengers were involved in a crash.  The crash proved fatal for Grace, who was 17 when she passed away.  That night, Gabriella and Grace had some wine between them.  Gabriella then decided that she would drive the four of them home even though she was over the alcohol limit (not to mention too young to drink).  Unfortunately, the prompts from her other friends to not drive after the alcohol, did not stop Gabriella from driving.  Whilst she was driving, she turned around to tell the backseat passengers to keep quiet and crashed the car.  When she was later tested for how much alcohol was in her system, she was one-and-a-half times over the limit.  She has now been sentenced to 2 years and 4 months in jail, and has been suspended from driving for 4 years.  It is unfortunate that a young life has been lost in this tragic accident.  Hopefully other people learn from this mistake and don’t repeat the drink driving!

coke-vs-pepsiCoke and Pepsi. Well, they are both very popular drinks. I would say Coke more so than Pepsi. In a restaurant it is rare to see them sell both Coke and Pepsi. This may be an insignificant detail, but it can cause some amount of trouble for people. I know Pepsi tastes a tiny bit sweeter than Coke but not so much of a difference that you won’t drink the other. I can understand about Coke and Diet Coke and same with Pepsi, because there is a significant difference in taste. I don’t drink either because a while ago, I found out that they would have been green if they didn’t put the brown dye in them. Also an experiment was done, a tooth was left in a glass of Coke over night, and in the morning it was gone. It had totally dissolved, really putting me off the drink. I moved to Sprite which isn’t much better but  the colour looks healthier!


The question we are all asking is: how did it get there? It all began when a guy called Denegri was in his backyard, just like any normal day, enjoying the new tiki bar he bought when he opened a can of diet Pepsi, took a big drink and started gagging. He then emptied out the can and saw that there was something heavy remaining inside the can. He and his wife shook the can over a paper until some “dark stuff” slid out of the can. The couple took pictures before calling the FDA and poison control. The couple received a report which stayed that “the animal was lacking internal organs normally found in the abdominal and thoracic cavity”. The FDA counducted an inspection from where the cans where originally distributed but they found no cause for concern. The FDA couldn’t determine when or how the object entered the package. The Couple hasn’t heard from Pepsi since that day.

They are completely different but are the two most popular drinks in Scotland.   But for differents ages!

irn bruIrn bru is phenomenal. I love it! Most people have never heard of it, but that’s their loss! Irn Bru is a soft drink, it’s orange coloured which puts people off, because when they drink it all they worry about is that their insides will turn orange! But seriously, orange insides is the new thing.

 When you go to Scotland, you will see everyone with a can of Irn Bru in their hand. (well at least irn bru taxieveryone with good taste!) Everything is ‘Irn Brued’ in Scotland. Even the taxis…



On top of its unbeliveable taste…it  is the cure for many ailments, including…hangovers, headaches, depression and most recently swine flu (so you can ditch your tami flu and bring in the Bru)

Irn Bru Advert

whiskyWhisky…a.k.a The Nectar Of The Gods is another extremely popular drink but more famous. When you drink whisky you can’t really have too much because it is quite strong. A ‘wee dram’ is just fine.

So…..which is it? Well…I guess it comes down to age. especially if you’re younger than 18 (21 in USA), you don’t exactly have a choice. But for the others who can legally drink …TAKE YOUR PICK! Irn bru or whisky, whisky or irn  bru …….(cough cough …irn bru)


While at a nearby 7-11 station the other day I asked, “Yo, what kind of pop should I get for the room.”  My roommate’s friend looked at me like I was from the boonies and said, “Bro, where are you from that you say ‘pop’?” My roommate jumped in and said, “dude, nobody says ‘pop’, its ‘soda’.”  I laughed at him saying “nah man, nobody says soda in Michigan.”  I agreed to say coke around them from now on because it seems to be neutral.  This conversation brought me to realize how different the slang is though out the country.  I have personally never heard anybody refer to a caffeinated beverage as soda-pop but they’re out there.  There are also places that refer to every dark caffeinated beverage as coke.  It’s fun being around people from all across the world because everyone has their own sayings.  It’s the little things that make people unique.