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The 82 year old man.

Just recently, there have been many stories in the news about an 82 year old Indian man who says that he doesn’t need food or water to survive.  He says that he relies on meditation and getting his necessary nutrition through the air.  Due to the many reports, the Indian army have sent some doctors round to examine and keep watch on the man.  They are going to study what he does for every minute of the day and figure out why he can live “without” food.  Apparently, a few years ago some scientists observed the man for weeks and said that he didn’t eat or drink.  The only problem was that he lost weight.  They believed that if he truly got all of his nutritional needs through the air, he wouldn’t loose weight.  It is truly a fascinating story and will be very interesting to follow.  I would really struggle to last without food and drink for one day, never mind forever!


Today at lunch there was a happening that baffled me.  One of my good friends, Louisa Costa was not able to have dinner because she forgot her ID.  I understand here at IMG academies we must uphold a certain amount of responsibility for ourselves, but she’s been living here for over 6 months now, I think we all know she’s not a random person off the streets hoping to get some free food.  I think here at IMG we are always doing something, whether it’s school, sport, or extra curriculars’, that sometimes little things slip our minds, it happens, but why should you not get to eat because of that?  Obviously remembering your ID should not be that difficult, but sometimes it happens, and there should be some other penalty then not being able to eat. As athlete’s we need to make sure we are getting a good amount of food in our bodies to keep us going, Not only was Louisa Costa not able to eat, they would not even let her simply sit in the cafeteria. Maybe I am missing the point they are trying to make, but I think it is a little bit extreme not to let her nourish her body because she accidentally forgot her ID.

How many times a week do you eat at the local Chipotle Mexican Grill? Its amazing, from the tacos to the burritos to ending with the burritos bowl. But honestly how good is Chipotle for you? There are many debates about this. Some say its up to what you get, how much you, or many times a week you eat there. One issue is that it is high calories. Men’s Heath says to replace Chipotle’s Burrito with a  Taco Bell Regular Style Steak Burrito Supreme instead. But honestly Taco Bell has nothing on Chipotle. The Local Mexican Grill has fresh food, no chemicals unlike Taco Bell. Its a toss up, chemicals or calories. The amazing Chipotle or Taco Bell, you decide.


Food Pyramid

A new year has come and new measures on diets and eating healthier have come. It is a new year to start eating healthier and losing weights. Diet has always played a big role in everyone’s life, some people take it seriously some people don’t. If you take the time and follow a new plan, you will see the results within time. As of 2010, new researchers have found that Grains should be added to your daily diet, accompanied with Oat, rye and barley. These foods are said to lower cholesterol. Other important food to put on your diet is soy. Researchers have found that Soy helps your heart and battles cancer. Wild Salmon and other oily fishes are also a good source of vitamin D and they also can help with heart problems. Red Wine is also important because it is a good drink to reduce the bad cholesterol that is in your body. Green Tea also it helps burn fat from your body and is recommended by many doctors.

The new McDonalds

A McDonald’s restaurant in downtown Manhattan is the first in the McDonald’s chain in the US to get a European-style makeover similar to what McDonald’s has done at thousands of outlets around France and the United Kingdom. the new renovations has added WiFi access, flat screen TV’s, vinyl chairs instead of the plastic ones that are bolted to the floor, subdued lighting and employees whose all-black uniforms suggest a hip boutique. “It’s like a lounge,” said Kimberly Burgess, “It’s so different from all the other McDonald’s. It’s beautiful”.  McDonald’s Corp, spokeswoman Danya Proud said “People are using our restaurants differently today than they did five, 10, 20 years ago,” she said. “People are multi-tasking, doing more on a given day. … You want to be able to open your laptop, log on and get some work done while you’re eating.”


Brooklyn Style Pizza-712w


I love pizza! There is nothing better. Pizza is a very popular dish worldwide. Made with an oven-baked, flat, generally round bread that is often covered with tomatoes or a tomato-based sauce and cheese. Other toppings are added according to region, culture, or personal preference. The dish has become popular in many different parts of the world. A shop or restaurant that primarily makes and sells pizzas is called a “pizzeria”. The phrases “pizza parlor”, “pizza place” and “pizza shop” are used in the United States. The term pizza pie and pie is used for its simplicity in contexts. I am a big fan of almost any type of pizza. I like plane, with just cheese or Hawaiian, which is with ham and pineapple or pepperoni and mushroom! Pizza is amazing. I especially love ordering delivery. The amazing simplicity of just calling, ordering what you want and having people just take your order and bring it to your door.




Chinese people eat a lot of different things.  We are willing to try a lot of things.  I am willing to try, but I am scared of some of special Chinese food too! First food that I was shocked when I saw it was the balut egg.  Balut is fertilized duck egg with a nearly developed duck inside that is boiled and eaten in the shell. When my dad gave it to me, I almost threw up. The egg smells really bad and the undeveloped baby duck really shocked me.  The second thing is dog and cat. Chinese eat almost every animal. But when it comes to our lovely friends cat and dog, I find that totally shocking. A lot of my father’s friend always convinced me to eat it.  The third thing is Chinese people like to eat snakes a lot. Everything that is in the snake Chinese people can find a way to eat it. The fourth thing Chinese people like to eat are insects. And the more poisonous the insect is the more they like it. The last things that shocked me too were the monkey brains. The tradition of eating monkey brains is because of the Chinese believe that what you eat can help you body. So they think if they eat brain they can be smart. There is still a lot of weird things in china and Taiwan. I think the difference of culture really changes a person’s way of eating.