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Spring Break is approaching, many people are going home, going on vacation or plain relaxing.  Most people would be taking a break from their sport or   Although this years 2010 IMG baseball team is going to California!  For the start of the first week of spring break we have the Blue Devil Classic in Winter Heaven Florida.  If and when we make it to the championship the next morning we take take a very long flight into Anaheim California.  The varsity team will be playing against the top competition in the nation. This tournament is called the Anderson Bat Tournament, top ranked teams in the nation and lucky for us we play one of them in the first round of pool play.  Many people have criticized our abilities as a team this year only because we have lost three times.  I believe that they are all wrong and we have the potential to win this huge tournament.


Five Players, One Dream

Just this past weekend, I had the opportunity to watch the new basketball documentary about LeBron James, “More Than A Game.” The film was truly incredible to watch and one of the most inspirational videos I have seen in a while. It talks about the “phenom’s” life growing up and the hype he brought to high school basketball. However, the documentary goes deeper beyond basketball, and enters the world of five young teenagers. These boys only wanted to be together during the tough times and celebrate with each other during the good. Through all the poverty and racial issues they endured growing up, each teenager found a sanctuary on the basketball court and ran with the opportunities given to them. All five elected not to attend the local “colored” school and enrolled at a primary white catholic school down the road, in Akron Ohio. There were hardships on the court as each boy faced their own adversity, but they always pulled for one another. LeBron was very emotional during the interviews, which was shown throughout the video. As far as he was concerned, this was his family and he would often recite, “ you play your heart out for your family.” We begin to see that life for these boys was about more than just basketball. It was about growing up and becoming successful adults in the real world. Many doors opened for each of the players. Two of them are currently playing professionally in Europe, two of them are in graduate school and one of them is doing seasonal work in Cleveland. In many instances, sports, and in this case basketball, only last for a short time. Basketball ends up being so small in the total scheme of life. The lesson this movie conveys to us allows us to see that basketball is “More Than A Game.” It is about life.

baseballPatrick Schuster from Mitchell high school has tossed his 4th no-hitter in a row. Basically he is untouchable. The string bean lefty pitcher last pitched on Monday, April 20th, and recorded seventeen strikeouts. The no-hitter streak began on April 3rd during that Patrick has recorded four wins and has piled up a staggering 60 strikeouts. His coached added, “His curve ball, his slider, his change-up, he was just spotting it nicely. He was keeping their hitters off balance.” Schuster, whose fastball tops out at 90 or 91, has committed to play baseball at the University of Florida next year but has not ruled out going straight to the pros. Though it is very unlikely that this streak can continue we are all hoping that Patrick can find a way to deal out three more of these gems so that he can break the recorded of six.

basketballA recent contest between two high school girls’ basketball teams ended in a 100-0 victory for a school by the name of Covenant over another known as Dallas Academy. The overwhelming margin between the two teams saw the Covenant coach fired for unsportsmanlike conduct. The ironic part of the incident is that the Covenant school is a Christian school. The headmaster of Covenant, Queal, said that the way they won the game “does not reflect a Christ-like and honorable approach to competition.” For this reason, Covenant’s coach, Grimes, was fired. When approached about the victory, Grimes claimed to not regret the manner in which they won the game. Referring to the game, he said “my girls played with honor and integrity.” He had no regrets about the score. The Dallas Academy is a private school of only 20 students, many of who had disabilities. Their varsity basketball roster has only 8 people on it. On top of this, they have not been victorious in their last 4 seasons. The local papers praised the Dallas Academy for not giving up throughout the entire game.


The Pendleton intramurals started two weeks ago with co-ed basketball and continued this past week with dodgeball.  Dodgeball was last Thursday night where the championship came down to the Purple Cobras versus the Average Joes. The Purple Cobras were coached by Casey Mulholland and had quite a few baseball players on their team while the average Joes were coached by Dirk Ramdial and they were a mix of all different sports. The Purple Cobras went undefeated until the championship game when it came down to a one on one match up. It was Blaze Tart, standing at 6 foot 3, the ace of the pitching staff for the Panthers, versus the 5 foot 7 Nick Mace, the starting second baseman for the Panthers. It was a rivalry that was bitter sweet.  But after minutes of dodging balls, Nick drilled blaze in the lower leg and that was the end of it.  Blaze, however, was named MVP of the tournament and the Average Joes went on to be 2-0 in the two intramural events played up to this point.

A romping took place in high school football this week. Earlier this week, Naples High School played Estero High School in Estero Florida. Estero lost by 13. Not by 13 points but by 13 touchdowns as the score was Naples- 91, Estero-0. The Estero coach added humor into the loss by saying that he did not know 91 was a multiple of 7. This got some much needed chucks, and giggles from the Naples coaches. Naples High had taken out all of there star players 4 minutes into the game. The second and third team played the whole game the coach had stated. When Naples coaches got back to their office they had numerous emails from angry parents on both Naples and Estero. Estero parents wanted to know why so many points were needed and were furious that they had embarrassed their boys, while Naples parents wanted to know why there kids didn’t get to play to bring up there stats. They compared it to “David vs. Goliath”, only thing was David didn’t have a stone to throw.


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