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The 82 year old man.

Just recently, there have been many stories in the news about an 82 year old Indian man who says that he doesn’t need food or water to survive.  He says that he relies on meditation and getting his necessary nutrition through the air.  Due to the many reports, the Indian army have sent some doctors round to examine and keep watch on the man.  They are going to study what he does for every minute of the day and figure out why he can live “without” food.  Apparently, a few years ago some scientists observed the man for weeks and said that he didn’t eat or drink.  The only problem was that he lost weight.  They believed that if he truly got all of his nutritional needs through the air, he wouldn’t loose weight.  It is truly a fascinating story and will be very interesting to follow.  I would really struggle to last without food and drink for one day, never mind forever!


Captian "Sully"

The captain of the airplane that crash landed into the Hudson River about a year ago has announced his retirement.  Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, said he piloted his last flight after he landed the last plane of his shift on Wednesday.  Sullenberger, who is fifty-nine years of age, said the company he joined in 1980 will be one of the highlights of his life.  “I have been fortunate to have followed my passion for most of my life, working in a profession I dearly love, side by side with thousands of wonderful colleagues, including the man flying my final flight with me, Jeff Skiles,” Sullenberger said in a statement.  Jeff Skiles, the other pilot who helped when the small passenger plane needed to make the emergency landing, will continue to fly planes for U.S. Airways.  The flight attendant Doreen Welsh, who helped keep all 150 passengers aboard Flight 1549 safe during the emergency, also will retire with the airline.  “I am extremely proud of Captain Sullenberger and Doreen for their quick thinking and courageous actions on January 15, 2009,” she said.

The Louis Majesty returning back to Barcelona after the rogue waves.

Just recently, a cruise ship carrying 1,350 passengers and 580 crew members was hit by 3 rogue waves.  The cruise ship Louis Majesty was undergoing a 12 day voyage in the Mediterranean when it ran into difficulty with mother nature.  Winds of around 60 mph were just part of the problem when the ship was traveling through a storm.  Rogue waves (which are not predictable) reaching a height of 26 feet struck the ship and broke some of the front windows causing the ship to take in water.  Two men were killed by the surprise encounter with the waves and 6 people were injured.  The names of the two victims have not been disclosed yet, but their nationalities were given.  One man was from Italy and the other was from Germany.  It is truly a very sad accident that hopefully will not occur again.  The ship is planned to leave port again to finish the 12 day cruise when the victims are taken off board and the injured parties are given medical care.



As 2009 came to a close the Airlines suffered their worst drop ever in revenue. It is reported that the total passenger revenue fell 18% in 2009 and this is the largest drop since the 14% plunge in 2001. This past December marked the 14th consecutive month in which there was a drop in airline sales. In simpler terms, the airlines just aren’t making a lot of money these days. In my opinion, that young man who tried to blow up the plane on it’s way to Detroit did not help the situation one bit. Some people are perhaps too scared to fly, others don’t want to endure the hustle and others feel it is simply just too much money to pay for plane tickets and luggage when they could be driving themselves. Times are even more difficult for people flying on international flights as security is very closely monitored after the incident nearly a month ago. Airlines are clearly unhappy with the declining revenue and some airlines have even begun to offer high speed Internet while in flight to attract more passengers. In the end, I believe that airlines will have no choice but to lower the price of tickets if they want to continue to attract people to fly.

The Oasis of the Seas is the newest cruise that came out at the end of 2009. It is the biggest cruise for vacation out in the market today. Royal Caribbean is the cruise ship line that came up with it. It is known for its’ 7 neighborhood concepts and for all the activities and places that were created on this boat, including, vitality at Sea Spa and Fitness, massage suites, Vitality Cafe which provides organic food, complete hair and makeup services, 158machines for cardio and other types of training, Pilates, kickboxing, yoga and spinning classes Pool and Sports Zone, H2O Zone aqua park for kids, 4 pools and 10 hot tubs , adult poolside Solarium area, solarium Bistro, Wipe Out Café and Bar and many other restaurants throughout the gym Entertainment Place, Casino Royale, an ice studio which has many shows and people can also go for fun ,Opal Theater that provides amazing movies, Blaze Nightclub which is a great night club, Jazz 8 which is a dancing floor with Spanish music. Youth Zone. There are many other activities such as mini golf, basketball courts, ping-pong and many more fun activities for teenagers. There is The Workshop where there are many family activities including jewelry design. There is also a place called Royal Babies & Royal Tots where parents could take their children to an adventurous and safe environment where they are taken of by professional babysitters. I recently went on this cruise and it was an amazing experience and everyone should try it!

Oasis of the Seas

Worst 3 Cities per BBC

On Jan. 3, 2010, BBC made an announcement that the worst city in the world is Detroit.  BBC said that Detroit has a lot of criminals and a bad environment. They said Detroit makes a lot of cars so that’s why they said Detroit makes the environment really bad. They have too many factories. If some countries have a lot of factories it will get worse and the air pollution will make for a bad environment. BBC also said that Detroit people sell a lot of guns and it continues as a crime. I think that’s why they chose Detroit as the worst city ever. Also number 2 worst city in the world was Ghana because it has no roads and really hot weather. Number 3 was Seoul , South Korea. BBC said South Korea was ranked 3 because it has too many buildings and many people are alcoholic. But I don’t agree with BBC that people in Seoul are alcoholic. In my opinion Seoul is alright. I don’t agree with BBC though.

Royal Caribbean's newest invention Oasis.

Royal Caribbean's newest invention Oasis.

In just a few months the most expensive, and biggest cruise liner in the world will be unveiled. Royal Caribbean, is unveiling the Oasis of the Seas, a $1.4 billion ship which will be open to the public for the first time this December. At 1,184 feet from stem to stern, it is the longest and tallest cruise liner in the world today, not to mention  it is nearly as long as the Empire State building. In order to keep this boat running smoothly, it requires quite a large crew. A crew which consists of roughly 2,160, will give service to approximately 5400 passengers. But this cruise ship is not just set out to break records on how big it is, it also consists of a central park the length of a football field with 12,000 plants and trees; a boardwalk with two rock-climbing walls; an aqua theater with dive performances; two FlowRiders for surfing; a full-service spa and a main theater where the Broadway musical Hairspray will be shown four times a week, 600-plus meter jogging track on deck 3 and the zipline across the boardwalk. However, all this amenities do not come cheap. In order to board this cruise ship, it costs a large sum of 1000 dollars for 7 nights, making it quite a bit more expensive then others cruise ships which run for approximately 490 dollars.  When asked about this magneficiant creation Adam Goldstein, CEO of Royal Caribbean International said “It’s in the DNA of our company, about every 10 years, to take more or less a fresh sheet of paper and create the greatest cruise ship in the world,” and from the sounds of things that is exactly what they did.