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Finally is all I can say. It has been a rough last couple weeks but its all over for two weeks. I can forget everything that I had learned aka be a vegetable on the beach. The only math that will be done is how many hours I took a nap. I am happy that the break is two weeks. One week is going to be training and the other week chilling with people. Pretty sure that the students aren’t the only ones ready for this break. The teachers are ready to catch up on some work. Most kids are going home, except the baseball players which is craziness. Some teachers even assigned homework over the break which I promise will be procrastinated till the Sunday  before the Monday we go back. Finally, where chilling can be allowed, no math to be done, and everyone except the baseball players go home mostly.


Phones, Phones, Phones. They are apart of our daily lives, use them all the time. But recently I had gotten in an argument over which was better IPhone or BlackBerry. This can be debated to no end, but honestly think about is there any other phones out there that can even match up to these products. You have the IPhone which is app and music crazy and then you have the BlackBerry with all of it’s menus and business theme. My personal opinion on it, is the IPhone all the way. I have owned both and the IPhone just has it. But in my case, I have a Macbook and also love music. With the Macbook it makes it so easy to use and to its maximum. But this is up to you, what do you need your phone for? Business or for the love of music and apps. In the end, there are no two phones that compare.

Bay Hill Country Club

Starting this Thursday and lasting until Sunday is the prestigious Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill Country Club in Orlando, Florida. It is one of the stronger field events of the year on the PGA Tour and is always an exciting event to watch. Tiger Woods is the defending champion but this will be the first time in his career he is missing the event because of his scheduled comeback at the Masters in 2 weeks. IMG has scheduled trips to go up there and watch the world’s best play on Thursday and Friday. I personally feel that anytime you are able to attend such a high caliber event, you should seize the opportunity. You can see how the pros play and manage their way around the brutal course setups and also learn a thing or two from their routines or swings. This week, there are two former Pendleton students who have been invited to play in the field. The 2009 US Amateur Champion ,Ben An, and UCLA sophomore standout Gregor Main will be competing against the pros as amateurs. Ben received a sponsor exemption via his victory at the US Am, and Gregor received an invite from his victory at the prestigious Southern Amateur event in the summer. With Tiger missing from the field, the doors have opened for many players to shine and have a chance to earn one of the final spots in the Masters in 2 weeks.

Earlier this afternoon the Pendleton Panthers faced Dunedin High School from Tampa Florida.  In the second inning Dunedin scored one run on two hits off of Jimmy Oneill.  Soon enough on the bottom half of the inning, Casey Mullhalland hit a towering fly ball over the left field fence to tie the game up at snake eyes. Dunedin’s bat came alive in the next four innings, scoring four runs on seven hits and one error.  Then came the bottom of the fifth Joe Daru led off the inning with an infield single, then came up Gavin Patton.  Patton took the first pitch, then swung like there was no tomorrow and hit a line drive home run over the center field wall to make it a 5-3 ball game.  The Panthers held Dunedin at the top of the sixth, then the Panthers scored two off of walks and timely hitting to tie the game.  The exciting game went into extra innings and neither team scored before the sun went down.  Even though we did not win the game it was still played greatly by both teams.

Health Care

Florida’s attorney general announced on Monday that ten states plan on filing a federal lawsuit challenging the new health care reforms constitutionality.  Republican Gov. Charlie Christ along with fellow Republican attorney general Bill McCollum said that the lawsuit would be filed once President Obama files the bill into a law.  McCollum said the lawsuit would challenge the bill’s provision requiring people to purchase health insurance, along with provisions that will force state government to spend more on health care services.  The ten states include Alabama, Nebraska, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Washington.  In all of the ten states listed, the attorney generals are republican.  McCollum said that the lawsuit would be about the law and not politics.  Also on Monday, the state of Virginia’s Republican attorney general said that the state would file its own lawsuit challenging the health care reform bill.  It is unknown if the state will handle this on its own or join the other ten states.

Hussein Hashi Farah was in Kenyan custody on allegations of involvement in a terror attempt on Australia; the operative word being “was”.  The prisoner was released from his incarceration in what at first appears to be a simple–but costly–mistake.  Eric Kiraithehe, a spokesman for the Kenyan police force had this to say: “I think there was an oversight – he was handed over to the ordinary duty policemen and they were not given the full information.”  The policeman that released Farah claims that he honestly believed that he was another illegal immigrant who would be dealt with by another department the next day  However, the release of this dangerous suspect may not be just a simple case of mistaken identity.  Three Kenyan policeman and two businessmen have been placed under arrest on suspicion of bribery.  The Australian Broadcaster ABC has apparently heard rumors that would suggest such.  Whether accidentally or deliberately, Hussein Hashi Farah has been freed, and so commenced the hunt to recapture him.

New 2010 Quarter Program Designs

The US Mint recently added a new section to their website with some information about the upcoming quarter series slated to begin in 2010. The designs will feature National Parks or National Sites from each of the 50 US States, 5 US Territories, and the District of Columbia.  The designs for the coins will be presented in the order they were first designated as national landmarks by the federal government.  The first quarter in the series will be the Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas.  It will be released on April 19th followed by four additional coins in 2010.  The other 51 coins will roll out periodically through the year 2021 and Alabama’s Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site will complete the series.  On December 23, 2008, Americas Beautiful national parks Quarter Dollar Coin Act was signed.  Now the US Mint has a plan and will begin the series next month.  Obviously the portrait of George Washington will remain on the front of the coin, but the back will be different for the “New 2010 Quarter Program”.