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There is a new hurricane named Gustav coming up through the Gulf of Mexico. President Bush announced that everyone that is in the city of New Orleans needs to evacuate and that the hurricane is very dangerous. A software made by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the National Institute of Building Science says that this hurricane could damage $29.3 billion worth of property. There will be 4.5 million people that will witness this hurricane and also 59,953 buildings will be destroyed. This software also says that 170 hospitals and 1,100 police and fire stations will be hit by Gustav possibly causing destruction. The Mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, says that looters will be dealt with harshly if they are not obeying the dusk to dawn curfew. During the event of Gustav hitting Louisiana, the Republican National Convention will be taking place, which George Bush and Dick Cheney will not attend because of the hurricane.

This year’s Olympics had a spectacular opening ceremony. Although I did not watch it, by all accounts it was great. The Chinese did all they could to make it one of the best events in Olympic history.  An instance of “doing all they could” was even displayed in the singing of the Chinese “Ode to Motherland” in the opening ceremonies. According to ABC News, Lin Miaoke, a pig tailed nine year old who starred in many Chinese commercials, mouthed the song while seven year old Yang Peiyi sang, unseen, in another part of the stadium. In my opinion, this is going too far and telling a young girl that she cannot sing because she is not pretty enough is not only immoral, but communicates a negative view of the Chinese government to the rest of the world. This is not the first time there has been an instance such as this. In the 2000 summer games in Sydney, the entire orchestra song was pre-recorded by several different orchestras in Australia. I believe opening ceremonies should be without controversy.


This mindless comedy, which one would expect to be superficial and corrupting to the female image, actually turned out to have morality and sentimental value.  Although it put a positive spin on the idea of being a playboy bunny, and building a life and carrer based on the creations of a plastic surgeon, the journey of this young girl trying to find her place in the world was an issue I could relate to.   Anna Faris, who plays the role of “Shelly,” establishes her role as a sweet, loveable character who is noted by most outsiders as a “bimbo” or “airhead”.  She proves to know more about life than one may think.  Although she lacks the common street smarts (when pulled over by the police performs a classless act and is thrown in jail for the evening), she possesses the courage to walk into a sorority and push her way into her new life.  She demonstrates compassion when she reaches out to her fellow sorority sisters and helps them develop their feminine side.  The sisters help her develop her intellectual side when trying to impress the first boy that is interested in something besides her body.  Overall, this movie is not a challenge for the sophisticated mind but it is a cute, funny movie that most adolescents would enjoy.

In the second round of the US Open yesterday the world’s number one player Ana Ivanovic went down to Julie Coin.  Julie Coin is a 25 year old who is ranked the 188th player in the world.  Going into the match she claimed she was very nervous to be playing at such a big event against such a tremendous player.  There was reason for Coin to be nervous because she was playing the number one player in the world in her first grand slam event.  She failed to qualify for all three of the other Grand Slams before this one.  After splitting the first two sets the girls both seemed confident moving into the third set.  Half way through the set Coin started to swing the momentum to her side.  The crowd started to pull for Coin when she started getting fired up and really wanted to win the match.  Ivanovic, of Serbia, did not record and ace and only converted one of eight break point chances that she had.  Coin, on the other hand, capitalized on every single opportunity that she saw.  Even though she double faulted on match point she is still going to the third round while Ivanovic is on her way home.

The age old argument of Gatorade vs. water is never won by either side. Gatorade was designed to help replenish electrolytes during exercise.  Gatorade has expanded greatly since its original flavor of Lemon-Lime, which is one of my personal favorites, with new kinds of Gatorade springing up every year.  It seems very hard that any drink could compare to it.  Water, the clear drink that has helped us and all other animals survive throughout the years, is the only drink to compare to Gatorade.  Everyone can remember the great movie from the 90s when Adam Sandler played the Waterboy in a great comedy performance. I have a perfect explanation why these drinks can not be distinguished as which is better or worse. Since Gatorade is loaded with electrolytes and helps you recover quicker than water you need to drink it during your games or workout.  However, water is better to drink before the game or workout to hydrate you for the upcoming event.

The Paralympics Games are the most important sporting events for disability groups. They are designed to show the participants’ athletic capabilities, not their disabilities. The name Paralympics originally comes from a combination of the terms Paraplegic and Olympics.

The 2008 Summer Paralympics Games will be held in Beijing, China from September 6-17. Over 4,200 athletes from 148 countries will participate in the games. This event makes history because of its large selection of athletes. The 2008 Paralympics games will break the record as it will become the biggest union of Paralympics players from all over the world. Several countries will be sending athletes for the first time.

There are twenty sports taking place in this event. Athletes with disabilities such as amputee, cerebral palsy, intellectual disability, and wheelchairs will be participating. The amputees are athletes with a partial or total loss of at least one limb. Athletes with cerebral palsy suffer from non-progressive brain damage. Athletes with intellectual disability have trouble with their intellectual function. The wheelchair is used for athletes with spinal cord injuries. Finally, visually impaired athletes suffer with vision disabilities, such as total or near-total blindness.

Mexico has had a vicious drug war going on over the last few years and it has been getting worse and worse.This past Thursday eleven headless bodies were found near a graveyard in Merida, Mexico. A farmer found the 11 bodies that showed signs of torture, 5 miles from a colonial city in the Yucatan peninsula. This is all due to a drug war that is going on. All the dead bodies had a star sign and the letter “Z” tattooed on them. Another body, also showing signs of torture, was found 50 miles away in a small town east of Merida. Only this year more than 2,300 people have been killed due to the drug violence. Current Mexican president Felipe Calderon has made crushing drug gangs a top priority. He sent troops across the country in an attempt to restore law and order. The United States has approved 465 million dollars to help Mexico and Central America battle drug cartels.