The Pendleton Panther

Maybe we should all nap more

Posted on: February 25, 2010

According to a recent study and test, people who napped daily performed better then those who do not, on a test given by Matthew Walker. According to Dr. Matthew Walker “The brain’s ability to learn information is not stable across the day.” Apparently the part of the brain that stores memory can get clogged up through out the day. Napping seems to allow the brain’s memory storage area to make space for more information. The testing involved an initial test, then the group of 39 people was divided into two groups. One group got to nap, and the other had to stay awake. Dr.Walker gave the test for a second time later that day. The group of people who did not get a nap earlier in the day did 10% worse then in the beginning of the day when they first took it. The group that got to nap, improved their scores by 10%. I wish I had time to take a daily nap, maybe IMG should start influencing naps daily, I would have no problem with that, and according to this study, it might even make me smarter!

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