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Ever since I came down to IMG Academies my music selection has changed quite dramatically. Up north where I am from, the  indie-alternative-acoustic music scene is where I mostly fit in best. Between Jack Johnson, Metric, John Mayer, and Ra Ra Riot I felt at home when I listened to music. Now my IPod has seen an increase in rap music. It’s definetly noticable how different the music preference is from here and where I am from. Of course I listened to some rap music before I came down here, but not even close to the amount that I listen to now. When in doubt, I put a rap song on. I am still trying to figure out what about this environment has everyone listening to mainly rap music. Of course I enjoy rap music, but there is not much music diversity here, which isen’t a bad thing, it’s just a change for me. It’s funny because as I write this, I am listening to rap music.

I have started to noticed that  Music is becoming an addiction for me.  As I mentioned before, another one of addictions is Chipotle. But I also have come to notice is so is music. There is all types so you can always  find a song that fits your mood.  Anything from being happy, pre-gaming, depressed, too feeling like you’re the only one on the road. The most intersecting part of it is everyone has different music. Hear things new everyday so you can never get tired of it. Always change it up. This last Sunday was the Grammies. The Grammies is an award show for artists of all types. During the show some artist also show their talent. It was a great show, P!nk flying in the air, too the classics performing such as Bon Jovie. Recently with technology you can share music and find any song at the touch of your fingertips. In the end of the day, all depending on your mood, music is always good.

2009 was definitely an interesting and exciting year for the music world. Lady Gaga was born, the King of Pop died and many great albums and songs were produced. At the 52nd annual Grammy Awards on Sunday January 31 there were some pretty memorable moments. We were all looking forward to seeing the results and as expected, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga were among the famous performers that attained the major Grammy awards. The Grammy producers used the intense competition for the Album of the Year award between Beyonce and Taylor Swift to attract viewers to stay tuned through the 3.5 hour telecast. In the end, as expected, the two competitors went home with a few awards. Taylor Swift won the Album of The Year and the Best Country Album for “Fearless”, the Best Female Country Vocal Performance and the Best Country Song for the song “White Horse”. Going home with 4 well-earned awards, Swift said on her acceptance speech “ I just hope that you know how much this means to me. Our families are freaking out in their living rooms.” Beyonce carried home 6 Grammys including Song of the Year, Best Female R&B Vocal Perfomance, Best R&B Song for the song “Single Ladies”, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for the song “Halo”, Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance for the song “At Last” and the Best Contemporary R&B Album for the Album “I am… Sasha Fierce”. In her acceptance speech, she thanked her husband and said sweetly on stage “ I love you” to her husband, Jay-Z. The Black Eyed Peas, Jay-Z  also had triple Grammy awards. Lady Gaga won 2 Grammys for her single “Poker Face” and for her album “The Fame”.

Paris and Prince Michael Jackson at the 52nd Annual Grammys Awards

Perhaps the most memorable moments in the Grammy Awards was when Michael Jackson’s two eldest children, Paris and Prince Michael went on stage to accept their father’s lifetime achievement award. 12-year-old Prince Michael said upon their acceptance speech said that his father’s songs were all simply about love and that they “will continue to spread his message and help the world.” He then thanked God for watching over them for the past seven months in which their father was gone.

Eminem and Elton

Recently, the rapper Eminem has revealed that he relied on Elton John’s support while battling an addiction to painkillers. Elton has helped Eminem to get out of the dangerous addiction. Elton John has always said that the only reason why he will help someone is if that person asked for help. Last week, Elton revealed that he had helped Eminem for about eighteen months, and that he is getting better every single day. Eminem said that every time he consumed any drug, his humor would change. He would become a person that wasn’t shy; instead he becomes audacious and arrogant. It’s amazing how drugs can lead you to such large problems in life. In this case it is very rare and impressive how Eminem asked for help. It is something to admire as not too many people ask for help. I think Eminem will get better; he needs to keep working on it. If he makes it, a lot of problems will be resolved.


Movie Poster

All fifty comeback concerts Michael Jackson planned in London last summer, sold out in just few hours. The bigger question surrounding the death of Jackson, which occurred in June, is how the movie documenting his life will do in theaters. “Michael Jackson This is it,” is a chronicle of his concert preparations that stands as his final performance. Some think this movie its likely to pass for nearly 31 $ million opening weekend. Some expect a 100 $ million in total over the next few weeks. Film makers have promised this will be like something that has never hit the screens before. Its opening in theaters just after months of Jackson’s death, with fans all around the world still eagerly reading and listening to news about him. The movie is more than 100 hours of footage shot as Jackson rehearsed for the London concerts in the weeks before his death. The movie is going to be able in the screens for only 16 days. No critics have been seen, and some journalists showed only 12 minutes of footage last week before interviews about the movie. The movie is going to premiere tomorrow and Wednesday.  Will you be one of the one’s attending?


This Is It movie poster

This Is It movie poster

The whole world is saddened after the death of our greatest entertainer, Michael Jackson. Just two weeks after Jackson’s death, 2.3 million of his CDs were purchased in America alone. He is now the greatest selling artist of all time. All the people in the world, especially his fans are doing all they can to have a “piece” of him, they have purchased his CDs, posters and even personal belongings. The good news is, there is more Michael Jackson for all of us, a movie is going to come out in the theaters on October 28th and it will be out for 2 weeks. This is a documentary chronicling Michael Jackson’s rehearsals for his planned comeback residency at the O2 arena in London. We should be expecting to see an outlook of his career and contain interviews of his friends and collaborators; we will all get a touch of a rare and behind-the-scenes look at the energetic King of Pop. We all knew from the beginning of his death that his music will live on, it has and it will.