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sony-erricson-picThis Friday, a large group of tennis players went to the professional tournament in Miami – the Sony Ericsson Open. I was one of the lucky people that attended, and I had a lot of fun that day. Although the bus ride took about 4 hours, it didn’t seem so long, because you could just feel the excitement and enjoyment in the air.  The tennis center, where the tournament was held, was absolutely stunning, and everything there was organized really well.  There were seats available for every single tennis match and for the tournament of this size I think this is truly incredible.  Just in that one day I saw many famous tennis pros: Marat Safin, Rafael Nadal, James Blake, Amelie Mauresmo, Anna Ivanovic and many other active pros or just rising tennis stars.  One amazing thing about those matches is the fact that I was sitting so close to all the pros, and it actually felt like I was on the court.  Another side that I really enjoyed at the tournament was food, since you could find pretty much anything you could think of.  My experience at Sony Ericsson was great; I had a lot of fun watching incredible tennis with my friends.


uniformHave you heard the great news yet? You haven’t? Well, according to Mr. Schwager, Pendleton students don’t have to wear uniform anymore.  Although uniforms was never the biggest issue in school, a lot of students started slacking off with their uniform.  We don’t tuck in our shirts anymore and hardly anyone ever wears a belt.  I don’t know the reason yet, but my best guess would be that Mr. Schwager simply got tired of constantly reminding students to tuck in their shirts. This new “no uniform” policy is pretty exciting, especially for seniors because now everyone has an idea about where they want to go, so wearing clothes representing their college is awesome! Finally, as it gets hotter and hotter in Florida each day, wearing shorts and sandals would be far more appropriate and comfortable and most of the students would agree with me.  Unfortunately, if you’ve read this far, I have to disappoint you. It’s  only an April’s fool joke.  Hopefully one day this year the joke will turn into reality.

mount-redoubt-001A volcano in Alaska has recently erupted, sending fumes and ash high into the sky. The volcano, Mount Redoubt, continued to erupt Saturday, sending one ash plume 50,000 feet into the air. In Anchorage, the Alaska Volcano Observatory said the volcano had a significant eruption at 1:20 a.m. local time Saturday and a less powerful eruption at 2 p.m. local time. Luckily, the ash is expected to move north, missing Anchorage which is located about 100 miles away from Mount Redoubt. Alaska airlines canceled more than 150 flights affecting an estimated 10,000 passengers since the volcanic eruptions began last Sunday. Ash can cause engines to stall, highly endangering the lives of the passengers. Since the series of eruptions began Sunday night, the volcano has had about a dozen bursts. The last time the volcano erupted was during a four-month period in 1989-90. Two mudflows produced by the volcano on Friday were moving down the mountain toward the Drift River Terminal, where 6.2 million gallons of oil is stored, said Chris Waythomas, a geologist with the Alaska Volcano Observatory. A concrete-reinforced dike is holding the mud back and protecting the terminal’s oil storage tanks from damage.


Yesterday I watched probably the most intense movie in a while. It was Gran Torino starring Clint Eastwood. He is such a great actor. For as old as he is, he can still hold his own. This movie was made to make you love and respect the main character and then be disappointed in the end but also come to reason with him. It was a funny movie but it wasn’t a comedic genre. The way Eastwood made racial slurs to his Chinese neighbor was a bit humorous. The best part is how Eastwood’s character was not close to his two adult sons but still a father figure to his neighbor, a teenager he called Toad. He taught him how to be a man and how to respect and talk to elders. When Toad’s family was under attack by the gang in the movie, he took it a step further and gave his life so that Toad and his sister could live in peace from the gangs. I think this is a great movie that has to be watched.


In his first trip to Europe since winning the Presidential election, President Barack Obama heads to London for the start of the G20 summit. The financial crisis will be the main agenda as leaders of the world’s 20 largest economies try to set new measures to stable the world economy. “Leaders meeting in London must supply the oxygen of confidence to today’s global economy and give people in all of our countries renewed hope for the future,” British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said in a pre-summit meeting. “We need a global New Deal — a grand bargain between the countries and continents of this world — so that the world economy can not only recover but… so the banking system can be based on… best principles,” Brown added later. In his 8 day visit of Europe, President Obama will also attend a NATO summit in France and Germany and an EU-US meeting in Prague. Obama will end his tour with a trip to Turkey, the first Muslim-majority country he will visit as President.


Recently I have begun to watch a new showed named Dollhouse.  It was created by Joss Whedon, know for the hugely popular science fiction shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly. The show is about a secret organization that wipes clean the memories of people who have had a run in with the law and puts them on a contract for five years and uses them like dolls imprinting different personalities so wealthy people can buy them for a certain task.  For example, to play a role or a fantasy. It is a highly secretive corporation where only the highest people know of its existence.  The show follows a girl named Echo who is played by Eliza Dushku that due to doing something she shouldn’t have and has to sign a five year contract with the dollhouse to escape the law.  She is used for a wide array of jobs that include playing the role of a danger loving girlfriend to infiltrating a dangerous cult to save someone. The show is still in its early stages but I think that it will be yet another success.dollhouse-tv-images-21

More problems have struck the United States economy in the past couple weeks. As if the economy was not already in the toilet, it is still sinking in deeper and deeper. Some analysts have speculated that both the markets and the national economy have hit rock bottom. This is obviously far from true as can be seen in the numbers posted. Problems in the financial and housing sectors started the economic meltdown. In recent months however, these problems have spread into the auto industry. President Obama has already wasted billions of dollars trying to bail out these industries. Despite all the government help, the American automobile industry is still begging for more aid. The market has dropped even more this week due to problems in this sector. This leaves the government to make the decision of whether they want to bail out the auto makers or allow them to crash. These are all problems that still remain as President Obama leaves for the G20 summit in London.