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tory21Lance Armstrong and about 12 other riders were taken out of a big crash during the first stage of the Vuelta a Castilla y Leon. Armstrong was seen clutching his arm after the fall and apparently had fallen pretty hard on his collarbone. There has been no news on how Armstrong’s current condition is, but we know that for sure he will not be finishing the race. Armstrong had been consistently improving his position in his previous races where he placed 125th, 64th, and then 7th place in the Tour of California. The big deal about this race was that Lance and Alberto Contador were racing to prove who would be the number one cyclist for Astana during the Tour de France. I think that this will definitely set Armstrong back at least a week to try to heal and will greatly hurt his progress that he has made over the past few races. The Tour de France will be very tough for Armstrong to win this summer without any injuries leading into the event, never mind getting in serious crashes such as this one.


Lance Armstrong is one of the biggest role models in the world, not just for his ability to be so successful at road racing bikes but for his great come back from testicular cancer and being able to keep succeeding at cycling. Lance Armstrong announced he was retiring but then decided to come back to the sport. He was in the five-day race in northern Spain when he fell during the 1st stage of the race and broke his collarbone. According to Armstrong, this has been his biggest injury in his 17 years of racing. The crash was caused from riders jockeying for position, causing more than a dozen riders to go to down with Armstrong only being the hurt rider. The crash is also been blamed on the narrow “Spanish roads”, which the roads aren’t smooth, including pot holes and deterioration on the sides of the road.