The Pendleton Panther

What I Learned in Psychology Today

Posted on: October 24, 2009

Dreams hold endless possibilities, so never quit dreaming, never quit believing, never quit learning.

Dreams hold endless possibilities.

So being the weird kid we all know I am, I thought I would share with you what I learned and found interesting during class on friday in Psychology with Mrs. Mayberry. We started learning about consciousness and our DREAMS! So, ill admit I have a pretty perverted mind and oh boy, for the life of me I couldn’t stop laughing during this module in the chapter. I learned that throughout a woman’s lifetime 4% of what she dreams connects with her thoughts of sexuality, 44% aggressions, 42% friendliness, 33% misfortune, 8% success, and 10% failure. The part in which I thought was funny was that males actually dream 7% more about sex than women do. They dream about their sexuality 12%, aggression 47%, friendliness 38%, misfortune 36%, success and failure 15% of the time. The best part during this class was, we talked about a very well recognized psychologist. Sigmund Freud, who some called gifted, talented and just plane twisted! He created a type of story line for our dreams. He believed that our dreams represented unconscious wishes of fulfillment. He had a theory that certain objects symbolized a certain desire such as: climbing up a stairway, crossing a bridge, riding an elevator, or walking down a long hallways symbolized sexual intercourse. That if we dreamed about apples, peaches, or grapefruits (round objects particularly fruit) it symbolized the images of breasts. Bullets, fire, snakes, sticks, umbrellas were an interpretation of male sex organs. For interpreting female sex organs we envisions boxes, caves, bottles, ovens, maybe even tunnels. Now these are all just one mans interpretation. Dreams are very complicated and psychologists still do not understand why we even sleep as creatures, why we need it and why we dream. However, all these crazy speculations, theories, and unsolved questions just seem to make it all so much more interesting!


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