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College Coaches are truly a breed of their own. I have been recently emailing some college coaches and they are extreme. There is are coaches who put smilie faces in emails. A couple actually tried to text in their emails. It has been intersecting to see what they will say. Not only are there emails entertaining but on the field also. I go to a tournament, they sit there and watch us play. Trying to be all secretive with there pads and paper. But then you look at the guy and he is covered head to toe in school gear ! So much for being unnoticed. The best is when  you start really taking business it is like an auction. Do I have a bider for the left defense, okay do I have a bider who is willing to pay for books? SOLD ! The back and forth conversations. The College Process is rewarding, the Coaches are great.


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Leland Stanford Junior University is known as Stanford University, which is a private university that is in Stanford, California. Stanford has around 6,700 undergraduate and around 8,000 graduate students.  This is an amazing University that kids dream of going to but it is very strict on grades and are highly achieved in sports.  The university is divided into different schools: Stanford Business School, Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford Law School and Stanford school of Engineering.  People magazine ranked  Stanford’s undergraduate program fourth in the nation. Stanford is also consistently ranked high in sports. It offers 34 varsity sports that have 18 female sports and 15 for males.  It also offers 19 club sports and 37 intramural sports.  The University offers about 300 athletic scholarships, but apart from just being good at your sport, you need to have a high GPA and impressive SAT scores to get in.

study hard now play later

study hard now play later

The process of getting into college is the most important thing in a teenager’s life yet the hardest at the same time. This is not just something that you can pick in a week or month. This school will be your home for the next for years or maybe more. This is the first big decision that is to be made on your own. Of course there will be people who will try to tell you what college is best for you and where they went and why you should go. To be totally honest you should go visit the school that you want to go to because what is right for one may not be right for another. In my opinion  I would personally choose the school that caters most to the major that you want persue. It will make you happier in the end.

The next step for the class of 2010.

Preparing for college and deciding what career to study has become something important now that I am entering high school. I´ve been very focused over the last two years in preparing to be a very good soccer player, not only because I love the game, but because I also see it as a means to getting an athletic scholarship. I dream of playing at NCCA, Division One Level. The National Collegiate Athletic Association is an organization through which the U.S. colleges and universities govern their athletics programs.

Now that I´ve come to get my high school degree at Pendleton, and that I´m training and being part of the U18 girls IMG soccer team, I think and really expect to be closer to getting that wanted scholarship. At first, a couple of years ago, I just didn’t know what I wanted to study, but now as I have gotten more involved in reading and discussing with my parents about the future, I am inclining myself to seek Entrepreneurship and Finance. My Dad says that in the current labor market, an MBA is a most, especially if I want to seek Entrepreneurship and Finance.

I guess preparing for college needs a degree of maturity on my part. I will be seeking counseling in order to be better guided, and I will focused on my game in order to fight for that needed and wanted scholarship.

sat-testMany people in the teaching community want to see the SAT go away. Many people feel that it is not a real measure of intelligence in students. Obviously, probably all students would like to never see the SAT again, there is so much build up to prepare for the test, and so much pressure for you to do well on it. Many students feel that this test determines their whole life. There are many people out there that have come up with methods to cheat the SAT by figuring out the patterns of the questions and how to guess your way through the test. Laurence Bunin is in charge of College Board and he says the test is here to stay. He says that the SAT is a test that shows basic skills that one needs to succeed in college. Many colleges are saying the test does not show anything about what a student can do and 800 or so have made but the SAT optional on the application.

whereamigoingIt’s March 18th and decision deadlines are  just around the corner.  Right now, some of us know where we are going to college and are still in the process of getting a scholarship.  Some have been accepted into colleges but still haven’t had the time to visit and thus still remain undecided.  Finally, there are still some out there waiting for that first letter that determines they are not meant to work at McDonald’s for the rest of their lives.  My heart goes out to those people, and I advise them to hang in there and know that what’s meant to be is meant to be.  Still, how can we be so sure if we’ve made the right choice – there are so many factors.  There’s the location, the athletics (whether or not we wish to play our sport in college, or for that matter the rest of our lives), the student body, and most importantly the general feel of the school and whether or not it is right for you.  I think that’s how one should base their decision because it will probably bring you the most happiness and fulfillment  in the next four years to come.

graduationAs deadlines for many colleges near, the craze over where everyone is going to school next year has reached full peak. Something I really don’t like is how people go around talking about how they don’t like a certain school because of the name recognition or the reputation it has. Some people, if they’ve never heard of a school before, automatically there’s no chance they’ll look into it or even consider it. Instead people only want to go to places like NYU, USC, UCLA, and all the Ivy Leagues. I think that’s bull, and think it’s even bigger bull that a lot of people look down on places like MCC or any schools of that nature. They act like the people at MCC are retarded because they go there. My dad is the realist person I know. He told me to quit being so superficial and to get my degree and education and get on with life. He told me that all this nonsense about going to schools far away was meaningless and that I’d be just as well off going to a school near home and getting my education there. I agree with him, a degree is a degree no matter where it comes from. A lot of times people don’t have their priorities straight when looking for a college and most people go to a certain college because of the location and the nightlife. People say college is as much about the experience as it is about the degree but last I checked, they weren’t handing out degrees on how much you “grew as a person”, they hand out degrees on what you know.


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