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artduncangiArne Duncan, the new secretary of education, is rallying to have his way and change the system of American education. I personally do not agree with his plans for the system and hope that he will not get his way. Should he have his way, kids will no longer be able to enjoy summer vacations the way they were used to. Long summer breaks, something very significant in childhood, will become a thing of the past should Duncan get what he wants as far as this is concerned. He plans to make the school years longer and significantly cut summer breaks. He feels that it is more beneficial to kids in school if they spent more time in the classroom learning. He is trying to raise the standard of American education to that of countries such as India and China whose education systems are currently superior. I do not believe however, that making school days longer and reducing vacations is the right course of action that should be taken in order to achieve this.


cid__pic0130Saturday February 28th marked the third visit to habitat for humanity by Pendleton students for this school year. Due to the high volume of habitat volunteers working on this particular weekend, Pendleton was only advised to bring about five student volunteers. The four students to take up the offer and Mr. Charlie Kennedy ventured into Palmetto around 8.30am ready to work. It was, as we were warned, an extremely busy day at the habitat work site. Volunteers from various organizations and schools filled the area doing work for Habitat. It was a very productive and successful session, not only for the Pendleton volunteers but also for Habitat. A great deal of progress is being made on the 12 house community. A couple of the houses are very close to being complete and will be dedicated to their various owners in the next month. There will be a dedication service on March 22nd for a couple of the homes. Hopefully Pendleton will be able to make another trip to Habitat this year but with more than four volunteers.

Pendleton squared off against long time rival Clearwater Central Catholic. Pendleton was looking to avenge a loss they had suffered a year before from the Marauders. On Friday, February 27th the game began with Blaze Start hitting to the hill for the Panthers. He pitched four inning letting up six runs and only five earned.  It wasn’t the best start and it wasn’t the worst.  He pitched solidly after the first to secure a chance for the Panthers to come back and score eight of their own off the CCC pitching staff.  J.R. Murphy, Connor McCarthy and Dillon Moyer led the charge with 2 hits each. Murphy had a double and two RBI’s.  The Panther advance to 6-0 on the season.

Every week the Pendleton Panther comes out with the students latest articles about events in sports, around campus, and other events happening in the world.  However, how many Pendleton students actually read the paper on a weekly basis?  Perhaps the paper needs a way to grab the attention of students around campus.   The paper could put out questions for readers to answer such as ESPN does with its viewers.  Many people see the questions throughout the week and then are interested at the end of the week to see how percentages of people voted.  If trivia questions or personal opinion questions were set out at the beginning of the week, and then included in the following edition, students may glance at the paper to see how others answered the questions.  Also, comic sections or other ideas could be instituted into the paper on a weekly basis to grasp the attention of a wider variety of readers. 

The Departed is an amazing movie featuring actors such as Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, and Leonardo DiCaprio.  Leonardo DiCaprio is playing the role of Billy Costigan, a rookie cop that was unable to be a Massachusetts’s State Trooper because of the crimes his family members were involved in.  However, he decides to become an undercover cop, in which only two other detectives will know his job description.  His job is to catch Costello (Jack Nicholson) selling 20 microchips worth about two million dollars.  Matt Damon however is making this difficult for Costigan and the FBI because he is Costello’s inside man.  Matt Damon plays SIU officer Collin Sullivan in the movie.  Throughout the movie Costello is trying to find out which one of his men are undercover cops.  As the police are also trying to find out which member of the force is Costello’s inside man.  It’s a fast paced, thrilling movie.  And the end is quite shocking.  You’ll enjoy it.


This week, the Champions League will once resume again. The last games played in the Champions League were part of the group stage on December 10. Tomorrow,  Atletico will play at home to Porto. Lyon will play at home to Barcelona. Arsenal will play against Roma at the Emirates and Manchester United will take on Inter Milan at the San Siro. This has certainly been a down season for Arsenal, but they always manage to play good football and often clubs struggling in the league will find success in Europe. It will be interesting to see how they perform against Roma. Manchester United against Inter will be a great game. It will be yet another showdown between Jose Mourinho and Ferguson. This really is possibly one of the most exciting games to be played. On Wednesday there are 4 more fixtures. Real Madrid will play Liverpool at the Bernabau. Chelsea will play Juventus at Stamford Bridge. Villarreal will play at home to Panathanikos and Sporting will play at home to Bayern.

Tyler reports on the Pendleton HD channel:

Tiger Woods return has been awaited for a long time. Some, like me, thought that it wasn’t a big deal what was going on with his knee but after he won the US Open limping from pain down the fairway you could then tell that it was a big deal and after saying that he was going to be out for a complete year everyone was left with their mouths open. It had been seven months from his surgery on his left knee and many held their breaths thinking that he would surprise everyone and come back to play the Buick Invitational in what apparently is a course that suits him very well. Woods is expected to return next weekend at the Match Play event, there is up sides and down sides of returning to this event. It is quite a physical challenge because of how many holes of golf they will play; and then the up side is that match play doesn’t mean that he has to beat the entire field to win the tournament but only has to beat six players one at a time.


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