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The BP oil spill has already shaped up to cost the company and the country over a billion dollars, but the species indigenous to the Gulf of Mexico have more to worry about that a thinner wallet.  Birds are often hit quite hard by oil spills as the petroleum readily congeals to their feathers as the float.  The brown pelican, state bird of Louisiana, was removed from the endangered species list just last year, and may face a dwindling population again.  Casualties for Gulf species at the moment remain relatively low, but no one knows exactly how damaging the spill could end up being as the world has never before seen a man made ecological disaster of this magnitude.  Among the threatened species are bluefin tuna, Kemp’s ridley turtles, and Florida Manatees which migrate up to the northern Gulf every summer to graze.  Still, if the leak can be sealed within any decent time span, there may be hope for these animals yet.


Launched April 22nd from Cape Canaveral, the U.S. Air Force’s X-37B space plane is designed to bring the maneuverability of an aircraft together with the speed and surveillance capabilities of a spacecraft.  The unmanned mini shuttle was fired off in an Atlas V rocket.   Although pictures, such as the one top left, have been released by the Air Force, the flightpath and area have operation have remained top secret.  However, being that the X-37B only skims the edge of space in Low Earth Orbit, amateur astronomers have been able to find and photograph the bright, streaking speck in the night sky.  The first sightings were made by enthusiasts in Capetown, South Africa and Toronto, Canada.  With the location and time of both sightings, the craft’s entire orbit has been mapped out by civilians.  You can see when and if the X-37B will be flying over your head here.

The oil that already floats  in the Gulf of Mexico has proven to be quite resistant to containment, but the 210,000 gallons of crude that gets dumped into the ocean each day poses a much bigger threat.  The damaged drilling rig has thus far defeated all attempts to stem the flow of black gold, but BP has announced a new plan, something that they call a “top kill”.  Two pipes, three inches in diameter, are to be inserted into the spewing maw of the rig.  Heavy fluids will then be pumped down onto the oil to weigh it down.  With geyser temporarily stanched, the opening can be sealed with cement.  After the damage is repaired, the rig will be abandoned by BP, never to extrude another drop.  If this plan should fail, however, BP will have few methods left to plug up the wellhead, but they will doubtlessly keep trying.

Adam Wheeler

Former Harvard Student Adam Wheeler, 23, was indicted today by federal officials for falsifying the majority of the information he put down on his applications to Harvard, scholarships, and other programs. He had received 45,000 in scholarship aid from numerous awards that he unfairly won. According to The Crimson Newspaper, “Adam Wheeler, 23, was indicted on 20 counts of larceny, identity fraud, falsifying an endorsement or approval, and pretending to hold a degree. Wheeler was allegedly “untruthful” in his applications to the University and in scholarship applications, according to a statement released today by Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone. As a senior in September 2009, Wheeler allegedly submitted fraudulent applications for the Harvard endorsement for both the United States Rhodes Scholarship and the Fulbright Scholarship.” This is a very shocking ordeal for the entire Harvard community as well as for any onlookers as to how something like this could even occur. The main reason his activity had been found was when a Harvard professor was reviewing applications and noticed a peculiarity. The work submitted by Wheeler was almost identical to the work of another Harvard professors and therefore plagiarized.  After seeing the work, professors and administrators delved deeper into his files and found many falsified documents claiming fraudulent transcripts and recommendations from professors whom he had signed for and written. The list of accusations goes on and on and it is very mind boggling how a person could get away with all of this for so long. He is being arraigned at the Middlesex Superior Court.

It was ruled today by the Supreme Court that life sentence to a minor is unconstitutional because it is considered “cruel and unusual punishment.” The Supreme Court ruling was confirmed after a 6-3 vote. It is considered to be “cruel and unusual punishment” because the court decided that life behind bars, without any chance of being let out, was not fair if the offender lacked full

The Supreme Court

“culpability” because of their age. This doesn’t mean, however, that the juvenile is guaranteed to be let out. The juvenile is just not allowed to be sentenced to life in prison without parole. This means that the person in prison has to be given a chance to be let out. I believe this was the right decision. A person should not have to give up their entire life because of a bad decision he or she made while their brain wasn’t fully developed, especially if it’s murder. The person should still be given a good amount of time in jail, but should be given the right of freedom at some point in their life again.


Being from Philadelphia I have seen many crazy people and many people that act without thinking. Regardless if they blurt out derogatory words, throw punches when it is not necessary or pull a trigger without thinking of the consequences. I myself have my moments but when you’re raised in such a city of chaos and problems it is just natural to have a little insanity inside of you. This past week a 59-year-old man was arrested for shooting a woman, because she was calmly sitting on his car in Northeast Philadelphia. The man had said that the women as well as others had been sitting on his car for some time and he had to “get rid of them.” The woman shot was 30 years old and is recovering a local hospital for sever chest wounds. Mayes, the man who pulled the trigger, has been charged with murder, assault as well as illegal possession of a weapon. This man’s actions are inexplicable and obviously wronged, but this is Philadelphia for you, the devil’s playground.

That A Girl

Many already know of Hugh Heffner and the affluent lifestyle that he lives. Many are envious of his unique living situation and the beautiful half-clothed woman that surround him nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Well men of all ages, your about to get “new specs” which will help you see more into Hef’s world. Playboy’s June edition hits newsstands Friday, is equipped with new 3-D glasses so you can view the playmate of the year in stellar fashion. By adding the 3-D glasses to the magazine, Playboy is hoping to increase sales as they have plummeted over the past four years from 3.5 million to 1.5 million. After viewing a sample of the June edition, in my opinion this is certainly one for the ages and one to pick up for yourself or your buddy. As hard as it is to believe Playboy has been around since the 1950’s with the man Hugh still in charge after all these years. I admire Hugh and I wish him the best on the new 3D addition, as I am sure it will be a guaranteed sensation for the male audience.