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Our excellent photographer, Daniel Perales, has posted hundreds of pictures from Prom Night on his website.  You can browse the photos – and make purchases if you desire – at his site.

Here is the link:

You do need to leave an email address and know the last name of the Prom King to enter the site.  You do know Dwight’s last name,  right?

Joanna and Dwight


Well it is almost the end of another school year!  Where has the time gone?  As excited as I am to start summer, I’m not too excited about the prospect of final exams.  With the final exams comes the studying.  That part can be extremly tedious and tiring.  Even though we have learned all of the material before it seems to kind of fall out of our brains.  It is not easy to remember all of the material from the beginning of the semester right until the end of the semester.  Many people ask me am I worried about the exams, but I don’t really get nervous.  It is just the long hours of studying for the exams that really wear me out.  Just remember, we have a couple more days left until the summer break.  Exams may be difficult but we get to have a long time off school after them.  Good luck everyone!

Finish a full year of an academic subject in only 5 weeks.

US History / World History / World Geography / Econ & Government / English Survey / World Literature / American Literature / Contemporary Fiction / Algebra 1 / Geometry / Algebra 2 / Pre-Calculus / Biology / Chemisty / Physics

Classes offered will be decided by the level of student interest.

Session 1 – June 14 through July 16

Session 2 – July 19 through August 20

Classes are everyday (Monday-Friday) from 1-5pm.

As we all know prom is coming up for Pendleton. This is the week to buy tickets and figure out limo seats. It’s a lot to get a whole group of teenagers on the same page. Have to make sure everyone gets their ticket at the same time.  I can’t wait to see my classmates out of uniform and all dressed up. It is also exciting to have it at the car museum. Something different from last year. It is also great that they have decide to have it on Thursday, allowing some students to go on a tournament that weekend. The only bad problem is we might  miss practice. But girls, we have to get our hair done and wearing a long dress isn’t easy to get on. Plus every parent wants some pictures. It is a process and will be exciting to see everyone so dressed up. Sure to be a fun night.

Blue skies..

You may have noticed the weather in Florida recently has been cold and not very pleasant to play sports. For most people from the north, this weather is not cold compared to home. But for Florida standards, this is about as cold as it gets. Many Floridians are not use to this weather and think it is too cold to do anything outside. But pretty much everywhere else in the country, there is snow and ice and weather more severe than it is here. It is time to just get tough and push through the cold until spring comes, and the weather starts to warm up again. If you remember last year it got pretty cold at this time as well. Just think to yourself that this weather is better than everywhere else in the country. And as they say, IMG this is the world’s toughest playground and we can’t let a little cold weather get to us!

Mon, Nov 30 / Tue, Dec 1  — 10am – 2pm

A Herff Jones representative will be in the main building taking orders during these hours.   Class ring packets with more information and designs for you to browse are available on hte front office table.

Check out their site to get some ideas:

herff jones



Two weeks from now, on Sunday, November 15, at 12pm out at the turf behind the gym Pendleton and IMG will be organizing a dodge ball event! Everyone is welcome! Please sign up! Sign up for teams will be posted on the board outside the library.  We are hoping to have 16 teams of four or five people.  It’s going to be a blast!  Please come out and have some fun. Thanks to IMG we are going to have Pizza and drinks! I promise you it will be worth your will. It’s going to be great exercise and time to bond with your fellow classmates and others. The more people the better!  Student Leadership is putting a lot of time and effort into this event and it would be greatly appreciated if you all come out.