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   In Scotland, many people are being requested to quit smoking in the year of 2010.  The shops are noted to not selling tobacco to anyone.  Also, they are restricting the retailers to sell these toxins, of whom will continue to disregard the laws.  In result to selling the tobacco to anyone under the age of 18, the shops will receive some fixed-penalty notices.  Smoking is a destructive thing to your health, you are likely to get lung cancer and throat diseases.  It affects the whole population, if people become well aware of this cause, then many lives can be saved.  In that way people would not worry of spending money on health care.  In recent reports, officials say that, “smoking is responsible for about 13,000 deaths and 35,500 hospital admissions each year.”  Now there are young people doing this bad habit, and the risks will increase at high rates.  This is serious, because that ruins a large percentage of population in Scotland.



The Commonwealth Games, also known as ‘the Friendly Games’ will take place in Glasgow, Scotland, in the summer of 2014. 71 nations voted in Sri Lanka in November 2004 and Glasgow won the bid to host the prestigious games. There was much celebration throughout the city and plans were quickly put in place to build and upgrade suitable venues in clusters to ensure all parts of the city can share the experience. The world-class facilities will be left as a legacy for future use by the community. It will be the largest multi-sport event ever held in Scotland with 17 sports featured. The logo for the Games was first used during Glasgow’s bid showing two sprinters woven into a tartan motif, representing Scotland.

Glasgow is a modern and cosmopolitan city also known as ‘The Dear Green Place’. It is well known for its vibrant lifestyle, dry humor and undistinguishable accent of its people. Formerly it was the ship building capital of the world and the architecture around the city reflects the richness that was once there.

'wee' man

'wee' man

When Scottish people talk, they speak very fast and always sound like they are angry. It can always be a challenge trying to understand if you are not used to it. Pronunciation is very different. For example, down is pronounced as if spelt like ‘doooon’, can’t is said like ‘ canny’, won’t is ‘wilny’. Also different words are used. A common phrase is ‘a wee bit’, meaning a little bit, you can say ‘a wee boy’ meaning a small or young boy, but ‘wee’ can also be thrown into a sentence for no reason, so you can say about a tall man, ‘that wee man’. I agree it makes no sense, but I must admit I say it myself. It is quite funny watching a foreign person trying to have a conversation with a Scottish person. People think that it is out of laziness that letters are not pronounced when they should be, e.g cat, is said like ‘caaa’ then they exhale for the ‘t’.

So… do you think you can understand if an angry Scottish person was talking to you very fast?

cvr fightFootball (soccer) is the national sport in Scotland, with most of the activity taking place in Glasgow. Glasgow is a city divided in two, named the green half and the blue half, or to be exact Celtic Football Club and Rangers Football Club.
The teams are collectively known as The Old Firm and are the most successful football teams in Scotland. However, unlike any other city in the world where the rivalry between local teams stays on the pitch, in Glasgow it goes beyond football.
It is mainly a religious divide with Rangers being the Protestant team and Celtic the Catholic team – the two biggest religions in Scotland. The actions of fans can vary from extreme violence and sectarianism, to more petty actions such as a Rangers fan not getting into a green car, and a Celtic fan not wearing blue clothes, because blue is associated with Rangers and green with Celtic!! The question is: do Rangers fans grow grass in their gardens?
Here is an example of how influential football in Glasgow can be. When Subway opened up in Larkhall, an area known for being Scotland’s most sectarian community, they had to change their green logo, a brand that is used worldwide, to black in order to encourage people in the area to eat there. If they had kept the traditional green logo, many would have boycotted it!
Both clubs in recent years have fought hard to eradicate the violence and sectarianism by working with the Scottish Government and local community groups to promote an “undivided” Glasgow. Though they are making some progress, they are a long way away from changing the views and opinions of many fans.
As Bill Shankly, a famous Scottish football manager once said, “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.”

pierced-ladyYou have to admit that most of the people who get into the Guinness’s Book of Records are usually people with some mental problems. It is ridiculous, how crazy or fanatic about getting into this book some people are, they don’t cut their nails for several years, or gain weight to be a proud and fattest person in the world. Most recently another one of those weird people had joined their community – the most pierced woman in the world. Her name is Ellen Davidson and currently she has 6005 holes in her body. Her piercing mania started in 1997, when she had “only” 280 holes. Born in Brazil, Ellen moved to Scotland with 462 holes on her body, 192 of them were on her face. Although her name appeared in the Book of Records right away, she had to keep piercing her body in order to stay in the place. The most interesting fact about this woman though, is that she hates all of the piercings she has, since they make her life a living hell, but to stay in the Guinness’s Book of Records she has to overcome herself every single day.


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