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Could this be an important piece for the Washington Capitals to win game 7? They will be without Donald Brashear after he was suspended for 6 games when he “blind-sided” Blair Betts. The reasoning from Colin Campbell, the NHL’s senior executive VP of hockey operations said “Brashear delivered a shoulder hit to an unsuspecting player” and that “It is also my opinion that the hit was delivered late and targeted the head of his opponent, causing significant injury.” Brashear known for his physical play, plays a key part with protecting other plays and keeping up the physical play. I mean you don’t need people to get stupid and make dumb decisions for trying to hurt someone, the league is doing the right thing, they need to protect the players. We will just find out soon if he could be the reason why they lose game 7 and get out of the first round.


exico is not only having problems with the drug wars but now is having problems with the Swine flu again. It has been noted that the first couple of cases started originating in Mexico. After one of my class mates said “OMG I am afraid of Mexicans now” just so that people know it has spread in these reported places including Ohio, Kansas, Texas , California and New York, where a schools have been shut down. This is getting pretty scary right now; I canceled my trip to Mexico this summer due to the Swine flu. Mexico is having a really bad time right now and the government needs to act soon before everything gets out of hand their. They are having major problems and they are bringing a lot of their problems into the United State. The United States government will have to make sure none of this will be coming into here anymore.

ell if you’re a football fan you must have had an exciting weekend with the football draft. This can either bring your team to the next level or win a Superbowl or your team could be in that rebuilding mode. We’ve seen the richest rookie contract with Matthew Stafford signing a $41 Million guaranteed contract, unbelievable! There were a lot of trades made with the Browns trading their 5th pick with the Jets for them to pick Mark Sanchez. It was just an insane weekend with this draft with players falling. This was the first time I have ever watched some of the draft and it was pretty exciting to see teams make deals and just to see the players scouting reports. Football is a really exciting sport to watch and the draft makes it ten times better with the early excitement to lead up to the training camps and pre-season. This football year should be awesome and I can’t wait.

Just last week my friend and I went to go see a movie called “17 Again” which stars the heart throbbing  teenager, Zac Efron, of high school musical. Basically my friend and I went because Zac Efron was in it. It also stars Matthew Perry, a middle aged man who is getting ready to divorce his wife of many years and goes back to his old school to see reminisce what he could’ve achieved if he hadn’t decided to not go to college to play basketball and to start a family instead. He somehow goes back in time to his prime when he was seventeen and everything was going his way through a time portal. He decided to take advantage of the situation and enlists his best friend to register him at his old high school so he can relive his glory days and help out his kids and make life better for them. Overall I thought it was a pretty good movie although it was quite predictable at times.

lotteryEveryone wishes to win the lottery. Why wouldn’t you? Life would be a piece of cake if for 2 dollars you buy a ticket and in return for change you receive a million dollars, or in some cases even more. Could you imagine being handed hard cold cash (or a check) I think it is everyone’s dream. People always wish in times of hardship to just win the lottery. Imagine the things you could do! Pay off debts; go to the school of your choice, quit work and live life like a king or buy whatever your heart desires and if you are a warm hearted person giving some back or all to the poor. Winning the lottery would open so many doors in life. I could only dream of winning, I can’t even imagine what I would do. Blowing it all in one shot does sound like a plan.


Posted on: April 30, 2009

Money is a great asset in our lives and we depend on it very heavily. Money is such a big part in our lives, that its basically the whole of our existence. Without money we would struggle through life, because the main purpose in our lives working towards making an abundant amount of  it. Money is a great thing it makes our world turn, it provides order and regulation. Who doesn’t love money though comes with great challenges to obtain it, and money itself is great. Its paper, simple sheets of paper which if exchanged provide us with glorious things. Toys, games, furniture, and accessories can all be obtained with the help of money. Some people will say that money cannot provide happiness, however, without it life can be miserable. If it weren’t for money we wouldn’t have food, I wouldn’t be given this opportunity to work and train at this academy.  With money you can start great things, help others and change the

The woman from Switzerland lost her job because she was logged into Facebook while she was home “sick”. That is how the company she worked for, National Swiss, an insurance company in Switzerland, commented about the incident to the press on Friday.

The woman told her boss on Thursday that she went to the doctor and found out she had to stay home in the dark because of chronic headaches and couldn’t access any computer whatsoever.

The boss gave her permission to take the day off on Friday. But then, on Friday, another employee at the insurance company logged into Facebook during work and saw that the woman was online; he even chatted with her. When he told the boss about his chatting with her online, the boss decided to personally make a visit to her home. He saw that she had friends over for a cup of coffee, and that’s how he made his decision about firing the woman.facebook_1