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Argentinian protesters burning the Union JackThe Falkland Islands have been a recurring point of contention between Argentina and the United Kingdom.  In 1982, a conflict concerning the islands’ sovereignty resulted in a 74 day war that left 907 (649 Argentinian and 258 British) dead.  Although the battle was technically a victory for the UK, Argentina still refuses to see the Falkland Islands as British property.  This bad blood has been brought up as of late by UK oil drilling operations that have set up shop in what Argentina claims to be their waters.  After the UK backed out of an agreement to jointly explore the oil rich area with Argentina in 2007, the latter has been gaining popularity for its claims.  32 Latin American and Caribbean nations have expressed their support for Argentina’s allegations, among which is the Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.  Mr. Chávez is quoted as saying “Look, England, how long are you going to be in Las Malvinas? Queen of England, I’m talking to you.  The time for empires is over, haven’t you noticed? Return the Malvinas to the Argentine people.”


One example of how big and powerful the mudslides can be.

Recently in El Salvador there have been some terrible natural disasters that the natives can do nothing about except try to stay alive. Many people are losing their homes, family members and crops. The President declared this awful situation as incalculable. An estimated 7,000 people have lost their homes in the disaster this past Sunday. Some roads in San Salvador are completely gone. You would never even know that there were any types of road systems in some areas. There are huge rocks, mud, and water everywhere. Some people have lost their whole families while others had to climb over boulders because the streets were filled with crushed homes, trees, and electricity poles. On Sunday, around 14 inches of rain fell on St. Vincent Volcano, and 7.7 inches of rain fell in the capital city. This is one of the worst natural disasters known to man because the people have no way out. It is like a trap. Once one is stuck in the mud there is a very low chance of the person getting out.

The Maya is a Mesoamerican civilization which was established during the Preclassic period. Many Maya cities reached their highest state development during the Classic period and continued until the spanish arrival. It was one of the most populated and culturally dynamic societies in the world. You can notice that the Maya influence can be detected from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and part of Mexico.

The Mayas designed the “Calendar”, which uses exactly 365 days. Their neighbors independently developed the concept of  “Zero” by 36 BC. The Mayas had a different type of numerical system, they used the base 20. They  believed in a cyclical nature of time. The rituals and ceremonies were very closely associated with celestial and terrestrial cycles which they observed and inscribed as separate calendars.  They also had to determine if the “heavens” were appropriate for performing certain religious ceremonies.

The Maya practiced human sacrifice. In many Maya rituals people were killed by having their arms and legs held while a priest cut the person’s chest open and tore out his heart as an offering. It is believed that children were often offered as sacrificial victims because they were believed to be pure.

Much of the Maya religious tradition is still not understood, but it is known that the Maya believed that the cosmos has three major planes, the underworld, the sky, and the Earth.

This is Tikal, Guatemal

This year, Guatemala went thru a big problem with their President, Alvaro Colom.  Guatemalan President Alvaro Colom has dismissed an allegation that he was behind the death of a lawyer who left a video blaming the president if anything happened to him.

It was on August when Rosemberg, a lawyer who was shot and killed, left a video surfaced in which, Rosenberg sat behind a desk and calmly spoke into a microphone linking Colom and an aide to his death. Rosenberg’s video said he was targeted for talking about the death of prominent businessman Khalil Musa and his daughter in April. They were killed, because they had refused to participate in acts of corruption as the president wanted.

After the video was published, Guatemala enters into a period in which everyone wanted to know the truth. The people started making protests in the whole country. It was very interesting seeing so many people around the roads wearing white clothes, to represent peace and loyalty.

The Honduras constitutional crisis centers around the 28 June 2009 removal from office and exile of President Manuel Zelaya by the Honduras military following the issuing of a detention order by the Honduran Supreme Court.  The President of Honduras was arrested because he wanted to change the Constitution of Honduras. The Supreme Court stated Zelaya also faces 18 criminal charges, which carry sentences of twenty years in prison, including treason and failure to implement more than eighty laws approved by Congress since he took office in 2006.

Zelaya was expelled from Honduras and the United Nation recognized Micheletti as President. On 21 September 2009, Zelaya and his wife arrived at the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa. He returned to Honduras by taking back roads to avoid checkpoints.Zelaya refused to state from which country he entered Honduras.

prevenir-la-gripe-porcinaLas autoridades de salud informaron ayer domingo que se han confirmado mediante pruebas de laboratorio 12 nuevos casos de gripe porcina en Panamá, con lo que suman 15 hasta el momento. La ministra de Salud, Rosario Turner, dijo en rueda de prensa que diez de los nuevos casos de contagio por el virus de influenza A H1N1 están vinculados directa e indirectamente al primero, anunciado el viernes, de un joven de entre 20 y 25 años que llegó procedente de Arkansas, Estados Unidos. Detalló que de los 15 contagiados, tres son niños de 8, 10 y 14 años. Agregó que 11 están siendo tratados aisladamente en sus domicilios y cuatro están hospitalizados, y que la condición de los afectados es estable. El muchacho procedente de Arkansas arribó asintomático hace algo más de una semana y está siendo tratado en su casa. Ese mismo viernes se anunció el segundo caso relacionado con un niño de ocho años, que según las autoridades no había viajado al extranjero. Creo que la prevención es por ahora la mejor opción. Para prevenir use jabón desinfectante para que reduzca la probabilidad de contagiarse con la enfermedad.


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