The Pendleton Panther

Winter Break

Posted on: January 7, 2010


New Years

This winter break is the first winter break that I am all by myself.  Last winter break I stay with my host family and sister. But this year due to the days we have for winter break its not worth for me to fly all the way back to celebrate the Christmas and new year. When I heard there would be a lot of people going back for break.  I was kind of happy that IMG wont be that crowded. After two days of break I realize how quiet and how weird life without a lot of people is. Especially when it is Christmas and New Year. Because of the festival there is less people in the IMG. Actually I was really upset during the New Year. Because when I was in Taiwan I always went out with my friend to celebrate. But since I come to united state I never celebrate the New Year any more.  And it was really upset to hear all my friend was having fun during the winter break. Therefore, I hope next year’s winter break I can go back to Taiwan and celebrate with my friends and family.


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