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Once again more past rumors are coming out about the New York Yankees. The book is written by a co-author and the former general manger of the Yankees from 1996-2007. It is about all of the cocky superstars in their locker room trashing talking each other, no surprise their. Torre says in the book everything is revealed, all that happens behind the scenes in the locker room from all the years he has spent there. There is always so much drama with the New York Yankees, they are like the Dallas Cowboys of Major League baseball, always looking for attention and always reasons why they’re failures for not winning championships. Maybe if they had chemistry within the locker room none of these guys would be talking behind each other’s back. It’s a really long season for baseball, the guys have to love each other or keep their personal opinions to themselves instead of creating one uncomfortable atmosphere.


untitled12The Atlanta Braves think they need to add new powerful hitting right fielders, Chipper Jones and Brian McCann. The Braves feel that they don’t have anyone that can fill the spot unless they take a risk and slip in old Frenchy, also known as Jeff Francoeur. He was an excellent rookie but changed his approach to the game a few years too soon. When asked who will be hitting cleanup for the braves this year Chipper Jones was so confident in saying that Francoeur would be the fourth hitter. Jones was also asked if he had seen Francoeur hit at all lately he replied yes. He broke down the details saying that Fancoeur had worked hard and changed his mind set before his physical approach; he is hitting the ball harder and cleaner than ever. Francoeur already has one of the strongest arms in the majors in his position, the only thing is that he has to get into game situations with his new stance and show that in the heat of the game his new approach will succeed to put him back on the map.

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The IMG U-19 girls soccer team has had a great season so far.  Overall the team has only lost one game.  The team won the CDL League in the fall.  The girls did very well in Raleigh, North Carolina at the Raleigh Showcase in November.  The team lost the first game 0-2, won the second game 2-0, and won the third game 6-0.  Because the tournament is associated with the Women’s College Cup, the team was able to enjoy watching the semifinal games and the final game of the tournament.  The U-19 girls did a fantastic job at the Orange Classic Tournament over Christmas break.  The girls won their bracket and were deemed the Champions.  Over the course of the tournament, the girls won all six games beating BYRC Thunder White 2-0, MUFC Navy 90 4-0, Memphis Futbol 6-0, Chicago Fire 2-1, and Cobb FC Lady Chiefs 3-0.  The team is ready for their next tournament Score at the Shore in Tampa after having been off about a month.  The tournament will be held January 14-16.  The team can play up to six games if they win the tournament.  The team is looking forward to playing games because they have been practicing intensely the past few weeks and would like to put all their hard work to use.  The girls plan to keep up their winning record this season and go farther than any other team at IMG has ever gone in the State Cup Tournament.


Recently, I had a day off to watch the marathon of America’s Next Top Model starring Tyra Banks.  Personally, I love Tyra.  I think she is one of the most beautiful, successfull women in the world.  Although she is probably consumed in celebrity culture to some extent, she seems dedicated to her job of bringing confidence, strength and a sense of purpose to women around the world.  (She also has a talkshow “Tyra”, but ANTM encourages values like that as well).  The show itself is full of glamour, creativity and passion.  It shows how badly these girls want to pursue modeling and how incredibly dedicated people in the fashion industry are to their jobs.  The goal of the judges is to bring forth the individual personality in all of the models in order for them to stand out.  Whether or not this show is a realistic representation of a model’s experience, I think it puts a positive spin on what is usually noted as a lifeless, superficial career.

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This week, Tampa is packed. As the Superbowl nears, more and more people are flying in from all around the world to see it.  My flight this past weekend leaving JFK going into Sarasota was fully packed because so many people were Superbowl bound. Sarasota airport was the most crowded I have ever seen it.  Tampa is going to be so populated because of everything that the Superbowl brings.  I know from a personal experience that Superbowl week is absolutely crazy. From all the merchandise, the parties, and the game itself it is an unforgettable experience and there is nothing else like it.  I can’t wait for the weekend because some of the guys are going to experience it for the first time. The NFL experience is really cool because there are a bunch of things to do and see.  It is just a lot of fun, and something everyone should experience.



All the baseball players here are all hyped up about the upcoming month.  I for one am extatic. This is because their season is starting in the next two weeks.  We have been training and practicing for the last six months getting ready to play, and it’s been such an intense time.  Now, both the JV team and the Varsity team are looking very good. The varsity team had a  pre-season tournament that we were in a month or two ago and as expected, we won the Championship!!!  We have 30 plus games on the schedule this year as well as a few tournaments throughout Florida. We even get to take a charter bus down to Ft. Lauderdale during spring break weekend and stay in a hotel together.  I think it is going to be a great season with a lot of wins on the schedule and it should be a blast playing and a ton of fun. Assume that we will kick butt this season!



President Obama signed into effect that Guantanamo Bay will be shut down no later than a year from now.  I think that this was a poor decision on his part because I feel that those men that are there for a reason.  The United Statesdid not just pick up random people and put them there, those men have done something that has put them there.  Now all of those cases that were pending while the men were at Gitmo are now thrown out and they get to be moved if not released.  This could really come back to hurt Obama and it is a big gamble on his part. If one of the men released from Gitmo is involved in another attack on the USthen it is going to be a very long presidency for Obama.  The chances of this happening are very slim but I still believe that he should not have shut this military facility down.  Many people claim that by shutting this down it is starting to restore America’s good name.  Well with this facility open it is showing that America will police and do what it needs to, to keep it citizens safe!