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Damien Walters, from Derby, United Kingdom has become a legend in the internet, and people have come to the point of calling him “the real Spiderman”. The gymnastic exploits of this fit Englishman of 27 years of age have millions of views on YouTube, and every year he uploads a new video with all his new tricks. Damien won the European Championships and got to be #4 in the world in a gymnastic’s discipline called tumbling, which involves performing a sequence of consecutive flips down a 25 metre long plyo track. He posted his first video on YouTube in 2006, in which he performed a combination of tumbling exercises, along with martial arts and free running. This video called the attention of Jackie Chan’s stunt agent, so he gave up on gymnastics and is now working as a stuntman, as part of a core group of stuntmen who work for Brad Allan, the first non-Asian member of Jackie Chan’s stunt team.
His moves are incredible. Enjoy.



El filipino Manny Pacquiao fue el primer sorprendido por la forma tan facil y aplastante en que venció al inglés Ricky Hatton, a quien propinó contundente nocáut en el segundo asalto de una pelea de pesos súperligeros realizada la noche del sábado en Las Vegas (Nevada). Pacquiao zanjó en menos de seis minutos un pleito que se esperaba más reñido, y por el cual muchos de los 16.000 aficionados que colmaron la arena del Hotel-casino MGM Grand había pagado boletos hasta de 2.000 dólares.“Todo el mundo está sorprendido. La Debilidad dijo “Estaba abierto para el gancho derecho” dijo Pacquiao. “Yo sabía que él se cuidaría de mi mano izquierda. Esto es en lo que trabajamos en el campo de entrenamiento. Esperaba derribarlo con la mano derecha. Lo sorprendí en eso también”. Pacquiao es un tremendo boxeador que demostró sus habilidades al mundo.

boyboxerSantos was a boy who grew up in the streets on the Texas-Mexico border. He got into drug smuggling because he was a better student of the streets than a student of the classroom. He didn’t care about anything, he was naive and young, thinking that he could get away with anything. He got into the smuggling business because he says “When I was at a party a guy came up to and introduced me to a bunch of the kingpins.” The reason why he was interested is because he was both an American and Mexican citizen allowing him to make mule runs which is smuggling the drugs back and forth through the border. But he said it is a very dangerous business. He tells a story about another teenager who lost a load of one of the kingpins money and had his toes cut off. Santos has now cleaned up his act and spends his days in the gym boxing. He is now making an honest living and is pursuing his dreams of winning a boxing championship.

matt-article-picture Matt Frey placed third all-around in the Florida  Men’s Gymnastics State Championships. The competition took place in Ft. Lauderdale on this past Saturday. He participated in the 16-18 year-old age division and was the highest placing high school  junior in Florida. Matt also was awarded various medals, placing  from sixth to second. Matt competed in all of the olympic apparatus (floor, pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars, and high bar). Each event had two judges.  Recently the scoring system was changed by the Federal Internation Gymnastics Organization. There is no perfect 10.0. Scores now soar into the 16.0 range, with all all-around scores ranging from 60-100. Matt’s all around score was a 83. 05. Matt’s favorite events are floor and parallel bars because they are the easiest for him to learn high-level skills on and they are the most challenging. Coming up, Matt will be competing in Regional Championships, with seven states included), in Miami and National Championships in Cincinnati.


artgunsgiafpThree years ago, Phillip Loughlin made a choice he knew would brand him as an outsider with many of his fellow hunters and decided to use “green bullets.”  He said that it made perfect sense to use something that had the same effect on the game but was environmentally friendly and did not contain lead;  a toxic metal that can lower the IQs of children, is the essential element in most ammunition on the market today. The opposition ignore this fact and say that all of the alternatives cost to much money to switch to. Loughlin also said “They’re definitely coming out. Winchester and Remington, all the big-name ammo makers are loading green ammunition now”. Seeing that all of these companies and people are ready to make this environmentally friendly change Loughlin seems to have mad a correct decision when he made the choice to use green bullets even though it would change the way his fellow hunters thought of him. But with the green bullet industry at a rise he shouldn’t be an outsider for much longer.

michael-phelpsAmerica’s best athlete announced that he will quit his sport after the Olympic Games in London 2012. Phelps was in an international sport forum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In his press conference, he said that “he is going to start living an easier and lighter life” after 2012. “In four years, I will put away my goggles and swimming clothes and will live a completely different life” he said.

In August last year, at the Olympic Games in Bejing, China, he wrote sport history with winning a record eight gold medals in one sport – swimming. He acquired the golden rings in 4×100 meters relay, 4×200 meters relay,  100 meters breaststroke, 200 meters breaststroke, 100 meters butterfly, 200 meters butterfly, 200 meters all strokes, and 400 meters all strokes.

He did not announce what his goals are for the next Olympic Games, except for trying to beat his own records again.  — Sem Verbeek

6a00e398beac8b000100e398d579270005-500piKilian Albrecht, Bulgaria’s best skier, showed that he has improved a lot over the past few years, and that he is in great shape, by winning two silver medals in the Nor-Am slalom race in the Winter Park ski area in the United States. The races were very close though. On Thursday, in the men’s slalom Michael Janyk, racing for Canada, won the first two runs with a time of 1:33.88, which was 0.7 seconds faster then Kilian Albrechts time. However, in the second race Albrecht won, beating Janyk by half a second. The Nor-Am race in the United States is one of the biggest and most important competitions of the ski season. Germany, Serbia, Poland, France, Japan, Croatia, Slovakia, Sweden and the United States are only some of the countries that showed their skills throughout the race. Kilian Albrecht used to race for the Austrian team but dropped out of it and got Bulgarian citizenship in 2006 so he could race for the Bulgarian team. This was a big boost for the Bulgarian team, and has brought Bulgaria a lot closer to their goals within the sport.