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Burn After Reading is a dark comedy by the Coen brothers who are the academy award winning directors of ‘No Country for Old Men’. The film is about a floppy disc containing a memoir of an ex CIA agent who loses his job due to a drinking problem. His unfaithful wife squanders the possession of the disc and it is found at Harbodies; a gym in which Brad Pitt works. The story unfolds from there in a rather unexpected fashion. George Clooney and John Malkovich also star in this new release.  There is no depth in the plot but the scene seems to be just right for Brad Pitt’s off-beat character. There are several humourous moments throughout the 96 minute run time. This movie outscored the much anticipated cop flick ‘Righteous Kill’ on all accounts. Al Pacino and Robert De Niro disappointed many with that effort. ‘Burn After Reading’ is a good movie for anyone looking for a good laugh.


It seems that India has a bigger problem than terrorism. While terrorist attacks may grab all the headlines, stampedes have killed more than twice as many people this year. This news comes after 147 people were killed in a temple near Jodhpur. This story shows that the press often says what the viewers wish to hear about. There are many policies being formulated to cease terrorist activity but there is very little being done to improve the management of large public events. Now, with the population increasing even further, something has to be done to help prevent these silent disasters. Most of these incidents have taken place in temples and railway stations. These statistics have not reflected any dramatic change over the past decade as single blasts do not claim as many lives as stampedes. However, since 9/11, news channels know that any news about terrorist activity will boost their viewership and their ratings. The government should take notice of these occurrences and enforce some new safety regulations.  

The most recent movie that I saw was “What Happens in Vegas”. With Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kuthcer as two main characters, this movie will be interesting to watch for everyone, regardless of their gender. The action is set in Sin City – Las Vegas, where Joy (Diaz), an ambitious career woman, who got tired of her career and Jack (Kutcher), a lazy guy, who just got fired by his dad, are put in the same room by computer mistake. In the morning, after a huge party, they discover that they got married. Both want to get out of this relationship as soon as possible, until Jack is winning a huge jackpot after playing Joy’s quarter. Since nobody knew who the money belonged to they had to take the case to the court, where the judge decided to give their marriage 6 months. If one of them asks to get out of the marriage, the other will get the money, and so the laughter begins!

The stock market dropped by 777 points yesterday and a lot of people had lost their money. United States was in panic, and even though the whole world was affected by that huge drop, people in Russia didn’t feel that it had affected their lives too much. About a week ago an agency put on sale an apartment, which had the highest price Moscow had ever seen – 2.5 trillion rubles or about 1 billion dollars. This amazing apartment is located at the center of Moscow and takes up 7 floors of the house and has an area of 1300 squared meters. Ironically enough at the same day that stock market dropped by so much the apartment was bought. The new owner is 37-years old businessman who wanted to stay anonymous. Another investment that this businessman could make with 1 billion dollars is in buying 3400 kg of gold!

I have not been to the movies for a while now and to be honest I can’t even remember what movie I did see, which probably tells you how good it was but I did buy the DVD ’21’ recently and watched it for the first time this weekend. I thought it was a great movie, it really grasped the audiences attention from the beginning. It was about a college student who needed to find a way to pay his way through Harvard Med School and was offered the opportunity by a colege teacher to learn how to count cards and make lots of money doing it. I enjoyed the movie because you could sit there and imagine yourself being the one going to Vegas every weekend making thousands and thousands of dollars off of the casinos, shopping in the expensive Vegas shops and staying in the most luxurious suites, obviously that would never happen, or not to me at least but it’s fun to imagine anyway.

Police in Maryland found the frozen bodies of two children in a house this past Saturday whilst investigating reports of child abuse at the address. The 43 year old woman under arrest without bail told the police that she had adopted the two girls and they had been frozen since February. The police had visited the house on Saturday to follow up reports of child abuse to a third child, 7 years old, who showed “signs of extreme abuse and neglect”. Whilst the police were investigating they found the remains of two other children in a chest-style freezer. The woman admitted to having put her adopted daughters in the freezer when she  moved to the area in February and also admitted to hitting the seven year old with a “hard-heeled shoe”.

After reading this article you have to ask yourself “What is going on in the world today?” Earlier this month some woman microvawed her baby and now some crazy woman has frozen her children to death!

Terrorist attacks in Europe are not very frequent. Only two attacks in Europe in last couple years.  But in all the world there are terrorist strikes every couple days. There were attacks on Denmark embassies in Islam countries because of caricatures of Mohammed.

Let’s think for a moment, who are attackers almost every time? Religion fanatics.  Why don’t radical Islamics like Israel?  Religion. Why they do call us infadels? Religion. Why don’t radicals like other Islamic people? Another view on religion. It seems that if there is not religion on the world, there will be no terrorist organizations, no fanatics, less intolerance. Good image.

But in another way, it is the same if there is only one religion, because religion fanatics etc. are here to fight with other religions. So jihad is holy war to enemies of Islam, it means Jews, Christians, Atheists, Buddhists and even, other Muslims.   So jihad wants to turn Earth into a one-religion planet. So the goal of holy war is world peace.  Isn’t it funny?

– Jakub Valdner


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