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Devon is from South Africa, Cape Town.  He has ginger hair and he is cool kid.  His favorite sports are football and golf.  He started playing football when he was around 13 years old and he loved it.  Devon used to play golf as well and he was pretty good, but he decide to follow  his football dream. Devon moved to  Bradenton because he wanted to play a lot of  football.  He liked  football program, but he didn’t like Bradenton. Moreover, Devon likes girls, parties and his favorite music is house. I really miss this guy and he is really cool.   –Mark Seo


Trevor Lamb is little kid from Philadelphia. He likes to joke around and party a lot.  Trevor Lamb body reminds me of little tiny fire ant because Trevor lambs knows how to pinch people like, little fire ant.  Moreover, he gets fire when he gets angry. The roommate, Mark Seo – the beast from South Korea – teaches Trevor Lamb every night about Karate, and Trevor Lamb is becoming like a man lately. Trevor Lamb plays football and he thinks his good like Serigo Ramos.  I love when he always says Sergio Ramos in Spanish accent. I will never forget Trevor Lamb.    –Mark Seo

 Nathan Taylor is from Bahamas. He plays football and for IMG and attends the Pendleton school.  This is his second year at IMG  and his position is midfielder.  He has played football since he was little kid.  Nathan Taylor is going to college next year and he is very happy about that.  He was born in 25 May, 1992.  Nathan is pretty tall guy and has a lot of muscles and he is known as, Mr IPI.  Nathan Taylor is going to be successful person when he finishes high school.  Moreover, his football skills are grateful and has a lot of skills.  This was biography about Nathan Taylor from Nassau, Bahamas.   — Mark Seo

Jakub Valdner is 18 and his birthday was February 7  in the senior year of Pendleton School.  He plays soccer and he enjoys it very much.  It is his favourite sport.  He is from Slovakia. It is very small state in the middle of Europe. Very few people are in IMG from Slovakia.  He lives in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia.  He hates to go to school.  He is going to college next year and over summer going back home to Slovakia.  He does not believe in god , he is atheist.  He likes America but he likes home more . He can no wait to go home for summer.  — Barbora Lazarova

Mark Bixler is a soccer player in the IMG soccer academy. He plays as a goalie.  Mark was born on March 14 in Roanoke, VA. Mark is a cool guy who likes to be joking all the time.  Mark plans to attend The George Mason University, he attends school in the morning and plays soccer in the afternoon.  This is his first year at the academy and he is really happy with all the results and with all the accomplishments he has made here. He plans to come back next year.  Mark is not the type of guy that likes to study, he is a very lazy guy who is always on his computer or shooting balls all over the room.  Mark plays for the US National Soccer team in the academy, and plans to become a professional soccer player in the future.  — Alson Keeler

Most people come to IMG Academies to focus on one sport. Well this young man had trouble finding out which sport he loved the most. Pressure from the baseball team to get him to play baseball due to his father playing in the big leagues he decided to switch sports after Christmas break. He went from the game he loved the most to a game he had not played in a few years. Baseball would have turned out fine for him if he would have stuck with it however he did what was best for him he went back to playing soccer. Soccer then returned the favor to him when he committed to Farleigh Dickinson to play soccer there next year. If you have not guessed him yet I am talking about Moises Alou. Even though he went away from baseball he has still been a friend outside of sports and he will succeed in whatever he decides to do.    — Blake Perry

Ryan, 3rd from the right

Ryan Foss-Skifetesvik was born on December 24, 1991. Ryan is from Connecticut, he came to IMG to be a boss, play soccer and finish his senior year at Pendleton School. Next year, he will attend Southern Methodist University to study business. His goal in life is to become an entrepreneur and manage hedge funds and invest in emerging markets but he believes that happiness is the most important thing. He lives by the quote ‘wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket’, which is probably not a surprise to anyone who knows him, as he is a cheerful and friendly guy who is always pleasant to everyone. He is a popular guy and is liked by all the ladies because of his amicable personality. It is always nice to be around him because he is a good listener and a guy who never loses his cool. Good luck Ryan!