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Lindsay Lohan

As we have seen, many celebrities and famous people have donated large amounts and put in much effort to help Haitians. On January 22, celebrities including Justin Timberlake, Shakira, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay-Z and many others performed for the telethon show “Hope for Haiti Now”. Lindsay Lohan is among the celebrities who are urging everyone to help the earthquake relief effort in Haiti. She took to her Twitter account to ask her followers to donate as much as they can and insists that she is doing all she can to help the victims in Haiti. However, it seems that her actions spoke louder than her words as she announced that she will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of her FAME leggings, which is featured as part of her 6126 line to Haitian relief. Although she has made a name for herself for being Hollywood’s rebellious wild child, she is truly a kindhearted and giving person.

You can buy her leggings and other items from her collection online at


Being that I’m not from the United States, I am nto accustomed to the tradition of Thanksgiving and the aftermath known as “Black Friday”. Last week, I spent thanksgiving at a teammates house in Bradenton and we decided to check out the sales at the Prime Outlets at 12:30am.

It was madness! The traffic was backed up a mile from the mall and finding parking was almost impossible. At the mall, there were people everywhere. I couldn’t believe there were so many people that go shopping in the middle of the night until the early hours of the morning. It’s something I’ve never seen before. There were even people wearing pyjamas.

It was strange to see a jam-packed shopping mall, with everyone from the ages of 10 to 60, at 2:00am. I also don’t realize why the shops don’t just run the sales during the day, what benefit is there to do it night? However, it is kind of cool to have a midnight shopping night once a year.

IMG popular outfit

There is no such thing as fashion in IMG. Kids in the academy do not wear going out clothes or any clothes that are currently in fashion. Most kids wear nike sweatpants, shorts, t-shirts, sandals, etc.  Nobody really dresses or has any type of appreciation for fashion and do not even try to update it. There is a very small percentage of boys and girls that actually care about fashion and dress according to it. The bad thing about this situation is that since there is nobody that dresses up nicely, people are not inspired to do it. Most people in the academy do not even pay attention in the way they look and this is really wrong. People here do not dress up when they go out for a nice dinner or ever parties. Kids don’t care the way they present themselves to other people and wear clothes that are unfit for occasions. We should have a fashion class to show kids in this academy to not only know how to play sports and do well in school, but also to dress nicely and be presentable.


Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart arrived in Brazil on Sunday to promote her new movie, New Moon. But she was not with her boyfriend, Robert Pattison, instead she went with Taylor Lautner. Maybe the rumor about the breakup between her and Pattinson is true, maybe their secret romance is over. In the promotion, Kristen wore her usual “too cool for school look” . She had on a black skirt and a simple top. Her Joan Jett cut is taking really long to grow out and Kristen Stewart doesn’t seem to care or bother styling it. Even though it is really hard to grow short hair out, it would be good to try a little updo (Teen Choice Awards-style). We are going to keep seeing and checking out how her hair looks, hopefully it grows as she keeps on promoting her new movie. She well next be going to New Mexico and hopefully we will see some improvements in her hair and outfit.

G.S.B means G-shock boys.  It is a group that me and my friends back home in Atlanta made up.  It means we rock or wear the g-shock watch. It is a nice, flashy, worn by mostly young people.  We picked this group because, the G-shock is flashy and we are a flashy group of guys and its high tech.   The watch has its own swagg and we have our own swagg.  The other reason why we pick this group is because, we grew up together.  We have know each other since we were in a 5th grade so we decided to just come up with a group.  The group is not only flashy,  high tech and sexy, but we are also very educated young African-American men.  We are hard workers when it comes to school work and when helping other people.  We are very dedicated to our sport and we work hard.  We are athletes.  Basically the G.S.B. are flashy, sexy, high tech, educated, athletes, hard workers, and lovers. All of us in the group play either basketball or football.  We all are very good at one of those sports and play at a very high level.

hugo bossHugo Boss is a fashion clothing line based in Metzingen, Germany, it specializes in high-end mens wear apparel. Hugo Boss its named after its founder, Hugo Ferdinand Boss. (1885-1948).  Hugo Boss was found in 1923 in Metzingen, where today it is still based, is a small town south of Stuttgart, Germany. Due to the economic climate in those times, Boss was forced into bankruptcy in 1930. He died in 1948 but his business survived. In 1993, exactly 70 years later after it was founded,Hugo Boss launched its first fragrance. Today, the company’s products are divided into three brands, there are available throughout the world in 103 countries and more than 5,000 retail stores all over the world. The three brands are called Boss, Hugo, and Baldessarini. I have personally bought Hugo Boss clothes and i can say that they are not cheap but they are very comfortable and good looking. Hugo Boss is not only for men, they also have clothing for women’s.

wellnessI know it’s a little late in the year to write this article, but there’s still time left to check out the Wellness Spa.  It’s kind of become my second home at this point.  I’m there at least once a week getting my nails done or my eyebrows waxed or a massage for my sore muscles.  They do a really great job on all their services and all of the technicians are very nice and accommodating.  If you call to make an appointment, they greet you with “it’s a great day at the Wellness Spa how can we help you?” and it immediately cheers you up.  There’s even water with lemon set out on the table for you to enjoy while you read a magazine and wait for your appointment.  Yesterday I saw a little boy pouting and getting his hair cut, it was adorable.  The hairdressers, Scott and Liz are very nice.  I’m trusting them to do my highlights tomorrow and I can’t wait to see how they turn out. Not that any of you care but I just thought I’d throw that out there.