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There are many British people who I have gotten into fights about the sport football. Now when I say football you might think that I am speaking of American football like the brown oval ball with the white laces and where people try to hit each other as hard as possible. No not at all I am talking about soccer where people run around and kick the little black and white ball. There is a big controversy on why Americans call soccer, well just soccer. In England and many other countries they call soccer what we in America call football. Believe it or not the word soccer comes from the British origin. It was a term developed by the British in the 20th century. It thrives from the word “assoc” which is short for association football which is what we simply call football. In which over time turned into the word soccer. So to be yelled at and forced into an argument about why Americans call soccer, soccer and American football just football is pointless. The reason being is because we are just using the word that YOU came up with!


Se recuerda esta gran catastrofe sucedida hace casi un siglo, donde los unicos 3 militares que vivieron esta guerra y siguen vivos hoy en dia asistieron a este evento: Bill Stone de 108 años, Harry Patch de 110 y Henry Allingham de 112. Los militares depositaron coronas de amapola en el mausoleo de Londres. Todos los invitados a la ceremonia recordaron el momento exacto en el cual se termino la guerra (11/11/1918 a las 11 A.M) Los 3 sobrevivientes representaron a la Marina, el Ejercito y la Real Fuerza Aerea britanica.

En este evento tan importante se recordaron a mas de 1 millon de soldados britanicos que perdieron la vida en esta guerra mundial. Esta guerra acabo con una generacion de hombres y mujeres y nunca se olvidara en la historia, ya que ha dejado una marca para siempre. Esta guerra dividio a todo el continente y ahora se lamenta, aunque ya se estan uniendo algunos paises de nuevo con el Euro. 

John Adams was one of the 5 signers of the declaration of independence from Massachusetts. He was born on the 30th of October 1735 in Braintree, Massachusetts. Puritan practices were not as popular at the time he was born but he still strongly believed in them. Adams was accepted into Harvard college at the ripe age of sixteen in 1751. His father wanted him to become a minister but he was unsure about his future occupation. After his graduation from Harvard he decided to take a side job as a teacher in Worcester while he further thought about what job he really wanted to pursue. after a couple years of teaching he decided to become a lawyer. Adam’s studied in the office of a top lawyer in Worcester, James Putnam. Adam’s married Abigail Smith, the daughter of congregational minister Reverend William Smith in 1764. They had five children, one of them ( John Quincy) would become the future president. During the Revolutionary War he helped persuade Congress to adopt the United States Declaration of Independence in 1776. He also negotiated a peace treaty with Britain and obtained loans from Amsterdam.