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Posted on: May 25, 2010



I have been to nearly five schools over the past 12 years and I can honestly say that Pendleton is the clear favorite. Many write off Pendleton for being an “easy” or “non academic” school, however, this year it has proven to be everything but that. Pendleton has a great staff in place that tends to the student’s needs, offer extra help and provide a fun academic learning setting. I honestly feel the people here are more than just teachers and they could be mentors. Many of the teachers are approachable and open to talk about anything, class work, homework or even life problems. At my previous schools I would hate going to class and would refuse to learn in the academic setting. However, here at Pendleton I enjoy going to class everyday. Although there is more work being offered this year, it is preparing us for college and can do nothing but benefit us. Pendleton is more than just a school; it is a comfortable environment that kids should feel secure at. The teachers are here to help and they want to see us succeed. Hardly ever has a teacher turned me away for asking for help. Pendleton is a huge chapter in my book of life and I can honestly say it is the most rewarding.



It has been a crazy year for many of us, particularly for me. I am very thankful that the year is almost over. Baseball here at IMG wasn’t as fun or the same as it has been in the past and the level of maturity in the academy went down drastically. The Varsity team underachieved greatly even though our talent level was superb. Personally I had a down year in terms of baseball and my attitude among others. However, from this year I will take relationships with me that I know will last me for many years to come. After everything that has happened this year it will truly be hard to say goodbye to many faces that I have seen around this campus for nearly two years now.

Dillon Moyer, Blake Perry, Richard Baega, Jimmy O’Neal and Carlos Somoza to name a few will be greatly missed. Jimmy and Carlos are two of the nicest and most considerate guys I know and it took a while for us to become friends, but our relationship has benefited me greatly as Jimmy is always there to lend me a smile and Somoza is always there to offer words of advice. Somoza and O’Neal will be missed among the Pendleton community not just as baseball players, but also as considerate and understanding young men. Richard Baegra was my roommate for nearly two years and it seems that regardless of the situation or event, Rich is always the first person to show a helping hand or offer concern. Baegra is more reliable than many as he is not judgmental and will respect you regardless of how “different” you are.

Dillon and Blake will be the hardest people to let go, as I have been with them the longest. From our times in IPI together, to the times at the field on the weekend or watching “The Wire” in current events class. These are two relationships I will never forget. Dillon has been a mentor to me among the years and always told me to believe in myself regardless of what I was up against. Blake has taught me to loosen up and that life isn’t so bad all the time. He’s always there to crack a joke, spit a rap or long toss. Blake is one of those guys that get along with everyone and one’s of those guys you don’t want to let go. Both Dillon and Blake would be there for you, rain shine, 3 am or 5 in the afternoon, they care about you sometimes more than you care about yourself.

The year is over as we know, but these relationships will last forever.


Last week the IMG Baseball Academy had the great opportunity to announce the signing of another one of it’s seniors. Richard Baerga has signed with Siena University in upstate New York, a big time division one school in the Northeast. Rich is from New York and I believe this school will be a great fit for him. He was also considering Eckerd here in Tampa. Being Rich’s roommate for a year and a half I can truly say this was one of the biggest days in his life and a huge relief. Last year, Rich made the final spot on the Varsity team and saw very limited playing time. This year Rich came in expecting to be the starting second baseman but it was not easy at first. He struggled at the plate and in the field the first couple games and many questioned if he deserved the spot. Sure enough, Rich being one of the most determined people I know, came through when it mattered the most and ended up recording the highest batting average on the Varsity team. He finished the year playing a stellar second base. Rich will either continue to play second base in college or perhaps move to the outfield, however, he will always have a spot at the top of the lineup. There were many nights in the dorm that Rich would sit up and think about college, as he had no clue where he might end up a year from now. Worried, frustrated and anxious were all emotions that he felt as many other seniors had already signed the previous summer. Sure enough, Rich’s time has come and he can enjoy it for as long as he wants. He has been tested much in the past few years on the field and off and he has stayed mentally strong and true to himself and ended up earning him a D1 scholarship. Once again, being his roommate for nearly two years, I can honestly say if anyone deserves this, it is Rich.

The Wire

Posted on: May 16, 2010

The Wire

As the Varsity season came to a close about a month ago, it was difficult finding reasons and motivation to continue attending classes in the morning, especially that first period one. My favorite class this year has been Mr. Kennedy’s 3A Current Event’s class and once again Mr. K has stepped up in the clutch like I knew he would and he has presented us with “The Wire.” Many don’t know, but “The Wire,” is a series on HBO that concluded a few years ago with its 5th season. It takes place in Baltimore Maryland and deals with the everyday life that young teenagers must go through in such a run down, poor and even scary lifestyle. “The Wire,” takes us on a true tour of the “ghetto,” and even leaves you with chills after watching some of the episodes. I can honestly say watching this series with my closest friends in class has been the most fun I have had all year here at IMG. The series is a fantastic piece of work that teaches lessons, which we need to start applying in our real life. “The Wire” is filled with lessons, laughs and gives me more than enough reason to get to class on time. Once again Mr. K, you have saved the day, and the rest of my year.


Being from Philadelphia I have seen many crazy people and many people that act without thinking. Regardless if they blurt out derogatory words, throw punches when it is not necessary or pull a trigger without thinking of the consequences. I myself have my moments but when you’re raised in such a city of chaos and problems it is just natural to have a little insanity inside of you. This past week a 59-year-old man was arrested for shooting a woman, because she was calmly sitting on his car in Northeast Philadelphia. The man had said that the women as well as others had been sitting on his car for some time and he had to “get rid of them.” The woman shot was 30 years old and is recovering a local hospital for sever chest wounds. Mayes, the man who pulled the trigger, has been charged with murder, assault as well as illegal possession of a weapon. This man’s actions are inexplicable and obviously wronged, but this is Philadelphia for you, the devil’s playground.

That A Girl

Many already know of Hugh Heffner and the affluent lifestyle that he lives. Many are envious of his unique living situation and the beautiful half-clothed woman that surround him nearly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Well men of all ages, your about to get “new specs” which will help you see more into Hef’s world. Playboy’s June edition hits newsstands Friday, is equipped with new 3-D glasses so you can view the playmate of the year in stellar fashion. By adding the 3-D glasses to the magazine, Playboy is hoping to increase sales as they have plummeted over the past four years from 3.5 million to 1.5 million. After viewing a sample of the June edition, in my opinion this is certainly one for the ages and one to pick up for yourself or your buddy. As hard as it is to believe Playboy has been around since the 1950’s with the man Hugh still in charge after all these years. I admire Hugh and I wish him the best on the new 3D addition, as I am sure it will be a guaranteed sensation for the male audience.

Afgan Flag

As sad as it is to report, it appears that things in Afghanistan are not getting any better, but in fact even worse. Violence is up nearly 90 percent in the last year as the amount of roadside bombing, murders and shootings are beginning to skyrocket. Obama continues to speak of change and that we have the potential to create a new beginning in Afghanistan, but the reality is that things are getting worse and at a faster rate. The biggest complaint coming from the Afghan people is directed at their own government. Many are unhappy with the direction the country is going in and take out their frustration in an uproar of protests. Many innocent people are getting killed and at a very rapid rate. The Taliban have retuned to certain parts of Afghanistan as well and are setting up trouble at any possible location where allied forces are based. The U.S. can only do so much to help rebuild this country; eventually it will get to the point that these people need to come together and resolve their political differences. The violence must stop and the Taliban need to be eradicated from the country in order to so.