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tropical storm in Vietnam

 Vietnam is the westernmost country on the Indochina peninsula in south Asia. This Tuesday the city of Hanoi, Vietnam got hit by the tropical storm,which unleashed severe flooding in central Vietnam. It has killed 23 people, and there are still two missing families. The official of Vietnam sais that many villages in Vietnam will be isolated by rising water and that the death rate will keep rising up. The disaster not only happened in Vietnam, it also affect the country near it. The military of Vietnam sent two helicopters to transport food and other supplies. They are also trying to rescues as many people as possible. The vice-chairman of the Binh Dinh provincial said about 400 soldiers were using speed boats to try to help and rescue people. Natural disasters are the most danger-killing factor in the world. It is more dangerous than the war. We need to pay more attention on the environment to make sure that even though natural disasters will keep happening, the risk can be the lowest.


Will Demps

Will Demps who used to be an professional American Football player wants to be a celebrity in South Korea. Will Demps’ father is African American, and his mother is Korean.  Will Demps’ father was in the United States army and met his wife in South Korea.  He was ranked the 28th hottest man in the world in 2009.  Will Demps is a very strong and athletic guy.  He is 6 foot 1 and weighs 210 pounds. He joined NFL in 2002 and played for New York Giants as a defender. He played really well and later on moved to Houston. After he retired, he was featured in some music videos and did some modeling as well. He was most well known in Destiny Child’s music video. He now claims he wants to be an actor in South Korea because his mother is from Korea and he wants to be just like his mother.  We will see what’s going to happens Will Demps, it should be interesting.

Villagers fleeing after being warned.

Villagers fleeing after being warned.

There have been days of immense flooding and landslides in the Phillipines. Great deluges have been caused by tropical depression Parma. Parma has already killed 186 people and is still on a ravaging path. It is known in local areas as Pepeng and has dropped over thirty six inches of rain in many parts of the nation. This is added onto the major damage caused by an earlier storm named Typhoon Ketsana. There are another 40 people deemed missing as well as 93 who were critically injured. According to CNN “On Friday, landslides blocked traffic along the Marchos Highway, Naguilian Road, Kennon Road and Ambuklao Road, cutting access to Baguio City, Benguet Province and Mountain Province, according to the Office of Civil Defense in Cordillera.” Rocky Baraan, the provincial administrator of Pangasinan, had stated that the flooding had focused most of its force on 32 towns and 2 cities, Dagupan and Urdaneta. Rescue trucks have no way of reaching the people who have migrated to rooftops since the water levels have reached over a story high. The authorities have been forced to deploy rubber rescue boats to reach the trapped citizens. Several major dams have broken and have been leaking as much as ten million cubic meters of water per hour. This is a very tragic situation among many involving tropical storms that have hit SouthEast Asia hard these past few months.

Philippines Asia Storm

Northern Philippines

In the northern Philippines, many people were killed on October 9, 2009.  Flooding from the slow moving Tropical Storm Parma has triggered several mudslides over the area, killing at least 160 citizens.  This latest mud slide has rapidly raised the death toll to almost 500 people.  The Philippines has seen over 100 mudslides over the Mountain Provinces, over a span of only one week.  The huge Typhoon Parma reached land on Saturday (October 3), but rapidly stopped just as the storm was off shore.  This halt of the typhoon has caused heavy rains and flooding over the entire Philippines.  The Tropical Storm has poured over the area for the past six consecutive days.  Only one week before, the tropical storm Ketsana hit Manila to the south on Luzon.  Ketsana killed at least 337 people.  Now the Philippines are being hit again hard.  Many civilians were buried alive under the mud and rubble and are still missing, therefor authorities have not been able to get an exact death toll at this time.

Flood damage in the Phillipines

The Philippines just cannot catch a break from mother nature.  In recent weeks, over 2.2 million people were displaced by the intense flooding that the region has been experiencing.  Just as it seems that the worst of the disaster has passed, however, and the people began to consider rebuilding, a typhoon gaining strength in the western Pacific threatens to give the island nation even more trouble.  At least 246 deaths occurred as a result of the recent flooding, and now with thousands of people packed into schools and gymnasiums, a typhoon strike could be deadly.  Although the country is receiving international aid, there are too many people in need of relief and too few supplies to help many people.  An unfortunate effect of this supply shortage is the blocking and even attacking of food bearing aid convoys by refugees stealing out of need.  With the typhoon on the horizon, however, Filipinos would be wise to heed chief government forecaster Prisco Nilo’s warning to stay “prepared and alert”



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