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Oliver Wahlstrom is a nine-year-old forward who plays for  the Portland junior Pirates, a Pee Wee team in Portland, Maine. He was playing in a one on one game against a goalie and he had the puck. He was sliding it back and forth down the floor and when he got close enough he flipped the puck on to the side  and then turned and sinned around. When he was halfway around he threw it and it went right over the goalies glove. After he had done that everyone was amazed. He was being interviewed for weeks by all of the news and the people who wanted to ask him how he had done that amazing trick. All he told them was that he had been practicing that trick in his garage for over a moth and he said: “i’ve practiced that trick for over 60 times.” He also said that he had learned it from a pro hockey player.
Vancouver Island BC

Vancouver Island

I have lived most of my life in Canada, British Columbia on Vancouver Island, which is a fairly popular place for tourism. It is a beautiful place with a mild climate. It rains for the most part during the winter and maybe with a small chance of snow but during the summer it is just beautiful. BC is actually the most western of all the provinces in Canada. I enjoy skiing during the winter very much. My family and I usually go up to the mountains during Christmas time. The island is gorgeous. It’s a place where you could play golf and go skiing up in the mountains 40 min away all in the same day. The people are very hospitable and kind. I miss home very much! I miss the people, the weather, and all the adventures I use to have. However, the nice thing is that I lived in a very small town back home similar to Bradenton. So all in all I don’t mind being here too much it brings back some nice memories of my hometown and its simplicity.

Recently, the province of Ontario has made what I think are horrible by-laws.  The laws being brought forth have not yet been accepted and put into place, but they sure are scary and restricting.


Some of these laws include; only one passenger allowed in the car until the age of 21 (even if you have your full license and under the age of 21), not being able to obtain your full license until the age of 18, and passing an intersection when the light is yellow is going to be the same fine/penalty as if you went through on a red.  Obviously a couple of these laws are smart and can save accidents, etc, but I think the one of not being allowed more than 1 passenger in your car until the age of 21 is a little overboard.  All of this just because there have been incidents where teenagers (3 or more) are riding in the car with their music blasting loud which has caused a few accidents here and there.  But for Ontario to go and make a law to allow only one passenger until 21 is penalizing the rest of us who are careful and are responsible when it comes to driving.  — Mark Sanchez