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Economics Profesor

Posted on: February 10, 2010

An economics professor told a class one day that he has never failed anyone, except for one time he failed an entire class.  This class insisted President Obama’s socialism plan would work, so he decided to put it to the test.  He decided to average the tests out, so that no one would be “rich” and no one would be “poor,” an idealistic way of socialism.  On the first test the average was a B, on the second test the average was a D, and on the third an F.  Now, this article goes on by saying that the people who studied hard no longer studied as hard and the people who hardly studied, studied even less.  Not to be argumentative with this but, I disagree with the way the experiment is looked at.  For example, there are thousands and thousands of hard working Americans who simply cannot pay their bills.  The single mom who’s working 3 jobs or the teacher who is trying to offer an education for our youth who is also trying to raise

Professor Gericke

2 kids.  Much like not being able to pay off your bills, some kids are simply not able to get good grades.  Therefore, in some instances those kids that are failing and are working harder are getting worse grades than those who are not studying as hard, and don’t have to work as hard because they have been given a blessing; a talent.  A Major League baseball player can get paid millions of dollars for his talent, but a plumber makes no where near that even if he is just as talented in his field.  Instead of realizing “Hey, wow I’ve been blessed,” it’s “Hey, wow I want more.”  Sadly enough, it is always looked upon as those people, the plumbers, are not hard workers, because of the few bad examples that are out there.  Those “good” students simply stopped studying hard because it wasn’t about them anymore, they were put into a situation where they had to do something for the betterment of a group of people and it wasn’t all about them, and instead of continuing to work hard, they proved how selfish and greedy they were.  The good students, in my opinion, are clearly representing a group of people who belong to a certain party.  I’ll let you make that call.

Although we are not a socialistic government, and we never will be, it amazes me how much a little help could go a long way.  Our President isn’t asking for anything too ridiculous, all he’s saying is if you’re blessed why can’t you help those that are not as not as fortunate as you are. If you’re making $250,000 is it really that bad to give a little more to the government and country which has provided you with the opportunity to be successful?  Is it really going to hurt you financially?  Instead a fit is thrown by those who claim they shouldn’t have to give up any of their money that they’ve worked hard for.  From recent polls, 66% of republicans say that they hold religion close to them.  Close to 100% of religions in this country are based on having good morals and giving to others.  Hypocritical?

I also repsect those that have worked extremely hard to be wealthy.  One of the greatest thing about living in this country is we have the freedom to do what we please.  And, for those who say that they don’t want to give their monmey to those people who are the “slackers” and those that don’t work hard, why let those who do suffer.  It’s like if you go to a school and a couple of the kids are smoking pot and the rest of the kids in the school go to jail with them.  We know that the majority of those kids are not smoking pot, and therefore they should not suffer because of those few kids’ action.  Those people who truly don’t work hard or do anything with their lives, cannot be “happy” people.  If they’ve coasted through life being given everything they cannot be satisfied with themselves as people, and a few extra bucks is not going to chaneg that.


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