The Pendleton Panther

Men are Pigs!

Posted on: December 2, 2009

Men = Pig

In my opinion all men in one form or another are selfish pigs. Men have no idea how to keep it in their pants. They are all only interesting in one thing. They treat woman like a piece of meat and assume themselves superior than everyone else. Men can be so fake; they seem to care so much more of what other people think even more so then woman. They will never admit when they are wrong, and insist that everything has to revolve around them. Men have it so easy! The worst part is that if a man gets with a woman he gets a pat on the back, a good job from his buddies. But, if a woman has a one nightstand with a guy she’s considered a whore, and if she’s doesn’t “put out” she’s considered a bi*** (female dog) or a prude. For women it’s a lose, lose situation.


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