The Pendleton Panther

The Spear

Posted on: November 13, 2009

ShhhhAmerica has an interesting history. Through the years, nationalism has made America’s history seem almost like a movie. it seems that a David and Galioth situation always reacurs throughout this history. Why or how is this? In my own opinion there seems to always be some sort of almost “hollywood” cause at the head of the spear. The rest of the spear is the staff reprisenting the masses. Finally their is the one who directs the spear; I know its all very confusing, but the main point is coming. The one holding this spear sees it as a tool. Only when the spear head and the staff are combined it becomes a weapon. This now brings me back to the main subject of what im writing. This concept has been used by leaders such as Hitler, who gave a cause to his people and simply pointed them in a direction. Now some would call his people ignorant, but how can we know if this has happened to us. Did Abraham Lincoln fight for civil rights, or was the civil war just a business venture, in which him and members of his cabinet profited. The Bush family has been in goverment for several generations, and Prescott Bush had been linked with funding the horrible tyrant, Hittler, and his campaign. Prescott had been trading with Hittler during World War II, and had his wrist slapped by the government. So why isnt that in the history book when it talks of americas involment in the war, and again not mentioned in the presidentual elections of his son or grandson? So many questions like these, and I simply dont have enough space on this screen to list the wrongs comited by multifaceted politions. However I ask you to question just how many Hitler’s might be out there that we dont know about.


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