The Pendleton Panther

Was This A Good Idea?

Posted on: February 28, 2010


American soldiers as we know have been in Iraq for nearly seven years now, trying to make peace among the citizens and set up a strong central government that is safe for the people to live under. Part of the trouble that went into all this was getting rid of former leader, Saddam Hussein and all his associates. In recent news, current Iraq Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced his plan to rehire nearly 20,000 former Iraqi army officers. All of these officers at one point or another, served under Hussein. Many question what the prime minister is thinking by bringing back into the country thousands of men who carried out the treacherous acts of Hussein. We’re not talking about a few people either, but thousands of these men will now inhabit the country we have worked so hard to bring up again. Elections within Iraq are scheduled to take place March 7 and many suspect these men were hired to pursue voters in one way or another or for one candidate or another. In my opinion, the biggest risk here is bringing into Iraq these men who were associated with such a tyrant in the past, since the country has spent years and billions of dollars trying to bring freedom to a recently oppressed country.


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