The Pendleton Panther

A response to “All Men are Pigs”

Posted on: December 9, 2009

In one of the science classes, they are dissecting a pig.  So Julia’s article, “Men Are Pigs!” was written at the right time.   But to go with this article, I agree girls can not do anything or they are called major whores.  But if they do not do anything at all  they are considered worse.  But men, if they get some, all give them props.  So a girl can look at two ways –  one screw it and have fun or the other not do anything at all and stay away.  But in the end we all get screwed, guys or girls.  Guys just want props so they tell their guys friends.  Ggirls do not want any one to know anything because of judgment. Then if you do not do anything at all, people wonder the worst of all. So in the end, we all get screwed no matter what you do. But honestly it is better to be screwed together !


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