The Pendleton Panther

Water Found on the Moon

Posted on: September 25, 2009

Though the moon has many seas, scientists thought it was dry…
They were wrong…
In a study published today in Nature, researchers led by Brown University geologist Alberto Saal found evidence of water molecules in pebbles retrieved by NASA’s Apollo missions. The findings point to the existence of water deep beneath the moon’s surface, transforming scientific understanding of our nearest neighbor’s formation and, perhaps, our own. There may also be a more immediately practical application. Is there water there? That’s important for lunar missions. People could get the water. They could use the hydrogen for energy,” said Saal. Untitled-1_618191aThe pebbles were scattered by lunar volcanoes that erupted three billion years ago, when the moon was still a cooling hunk of magma cast into orbit by the collision of a Mars-sized asteroid with Earth.


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