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New Discovery in Dolphins

Posted on: February 3, 2010

Deep down you know you a little feelings for the little flipping mammal. It all relates back to when you are young at  the local Dolphin show. Dolphins are one of the smartest animals. In Austria there has been a discovery in Dolphin feeding. They feed on fast small fish. Dolphins have been having trouble catching their peer. There is a small group of dolphins that have find a way to bet the  survival of the fittest. The head dolphin runs in a tight circle pushing its tail down hard  on the sand causing a thick dark cloud. The small fish response  by going crazy. The Dolphins just wait and their food is literally handed to them. Scientist were amazed by the creativity this mammals have shown. If its from the local Dolphin show too Austria where they are finding new discoveries every day on survival.


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carlye, looks like you forgot the categories on this one…

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