The Pendleton Panther

College Coaches

Posted on: March 2, 2010

College Coaches are truly a breed of their own. I have been recently emailing some college coaches and they are extreme. There is are coaches who put smilie faces in emails. A couple actually tried to text in their emails. It has been intersecting to see what they will say. Not only are there emails entertaining but on the field also. I go to a tournament, they sit there and watch us play. Trying to be all secretive with there pads and paper. But then you look at the guy and he is covered head to toe in school gear ! So much for being unnoticed. The best is when  you start really taking business it is like an auction. Do I have a bider for the left defense, okay do I have a bider who is willing to pay for books? SOLD ! The back and forth conversations. The College Process is rewarding, the Coaches are great.

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