The Pendleton Panther

Class times – Controversial

Posted on: September 22, 2009

There is a controversy about how long classes in schools should last for. At home in Scotland, classes last for 40 minutes. Here, in Pendleton classes are 70 minutes long.
It depends on how you look at it. Some say that less is better because you don’t lose your concentration and can focus for a short period of time. Also when you are in a subject that you don’t like, it isn’t so bad, because the time goes by quickly, whereas a longer period of time guarantees a loss of focus and concentration at some point during the lesson, or even a few lapses, and may lead to boredom. Others can argue that if you arrive late to a 40 minute class then you have missed nearly a section of the class, also that you can’t cover much in 40 minutes. They say that longer periods are better because you can cover more in one class.
When I first came to Pendleton and heard that classes lasted 90 minutes I nearly had a heart attack, then they told us that classes this year were shortened to 70 minutes. It was better but I was worried about lasting that long, because I was just not used to such long classes.


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