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Pluto Out. New Planet Found?

Posted on: September 1, 2009







How many planets are in our Solar System? If you ask NASA there are eight.  Or is there?   Three years ago, NASA ruled out Pluto as a planet as it is now considered a “dwarf planet.”  With Pluto’s inconsistent orbit around the sun, NASA said Pluto is not a planet.  However, using the Samuel Oschin Telescope at the Palomar Observatory near San Diego, scientists for NASA though they had found a new planet. The figure shown below was spotted in 2003 but NASA did not see the planet until July of this year. The new planet is shown moving through the stars and each picture was taken about 90 minutes apart. Some scientists don’t see how it can be a planet since it is a least the same size as Pluto maybe bigger. Regardless, the new planet is farther away and colder and darker.  So, is the new planet a planet? NASA has been watching the planet closely and they are not sure if they will classify it as a planet.


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