The Pendleton Panther

Ms. Kate Reedy

Posted on: November 5, 2009

Mrs. Reedy is a very energetic, high energy type of person. She is very friendly and rarely gets mad. Sometimes she can be a little too nice. She is very slow to anger or get mad. Mrs. Reedy is funny and loves to joke around, she is always smiling. She is very smart and very intelligent. When it comes to all class subjects, she knows about math, english, and art. It doesn’t matter what subject it is,  she knows it all. She helps people out so much, she is such a good helper. She will come in early, stay late at night, and even come in on weekends to help students. Even though we all know she could be doing different things. She is kind of on the nerdy side to me. Mrs. Reedy likes solving problems and she loves to read. She helps me out a lot, she bends her back for me and makes sure I am always doing the right thing. Mrs. Reedy is my favorite teacher and I really appreciate the things that she does for us students.


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