The Pendleton Panther

Water Found on the Moon

Posted on: September 30, 2009

It’s official, water has been found on our moon existing in ice crystals.  Although the Earth’s driest deserts are still less arid than the Moon, it is estimated that 32 ounces of water exist in one ton of lunar surface.  Proof of this fantastic scientific discovery, however, may have been brought back to earth over 30 years ago.  Moon rocks from the Apollo missions contained trace amounts of water, but the astronomers passed it off as accidental contamination as many of the containers had leaked upon returning to Earth.  The confusion is not too surprising as, interestingly enough, the isotopes of oxygen that exist in water on Earth are identical to those found on the moon, making the respective molecules indistinguishable.  Scientists now believe that pockets of ice may exist in the sheltered pits of craters.  Insufficient data prevents confirmation of this theory, but if it is true, it could mean entirely feasible human settlements on the moon.


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