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Posted on: September 25, 2009

www_hhbd_pl_paktofonika-kinematografia_(2000-12-18)Paktofonika was a polish Hip-Hop group from Katowice, which was formed in 1998. They Debuted with the album ”Kinematografia” in 2000. The name Paktofonika comes from the words pakt (pact) and fonika (fonics), From which derives the idea of ”A pact made alongside noise from a speaker”, created by band’s founders, Magik and Rahim. Paktofonika began when Magik left Kaliber 44 during recording their new album ”w 63 minuty dookola swiata”.Their first songs were written in October 1998, being ”Priorytety”, ”Ja to Ja”, and ”Gdyby” Two new member joined this group in 1999, DJ Bambus and Sot as a beatboxer. In the summer of 2000 they went to Germany to record their song ”2 Kilo” with German artists. That year, on December 18, their first album entitled ”Kinematografia” was released. Eight days afetr the album was released, December 26, Magik commited suicide by jumping from his apartment on the ninth floor. After his death, the group continued concerts.In the Spring of 2003 the group announced the end of Paktofonika.


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greg, two good articles – I’ll count these two for assignment 10. Don’t forget to get my approval for your topics before you write.

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