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Elton John got Eminem off drugs

Posted on: January 8, 2010

Eminem and Elton

Recently, the rapper Eminem has revealed that he relied on Elton John’s support while battling an addiction to painkillers. Elton has helped Eminem to get out of the dangerous addiction. Elton John has always said that the only reason why he will help someone is if that person asked for help. Last week, Elton revealed that he had helped Eminem for about eighteen months, and that he is getting better every single day. Eminem said that every time he consumed any drug, his humor would change. He would become a person that wasn’t shy; instead he becomes audacious and arrogant. It’s amazing how drugs can lead you to such large problems in life. In this case it is very rare and impressive how Eminem asked for help. It is something to admire as not too many people ask for help. I think Eminem will get better; he needs to keep working on it. If he makes it, a lot of problems will be resolved.


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