The Pendleton Panther

Eminem is on a different attack

Posted on: September 23, 2009

Eminem is striking back once again, but this time his target is Itunes. There is a thursday trial set up in the hometown of Eminem Detriot. Emienem has claimed that Apple gained $2.5 million through Itunes downloads. Emeniem’s hit single “lose yourself” from 8Mile the movie made an amazing $446,915 on its own. Eminem is also setting his sights on recording lable Aftermath they have also claimed to have 4 million dollars of Emeniem’s. Eminem believes he deserves most of the profits of his own music so he is going to fight for it. I dont think it is fair that people behind the scenes are earning most of an artist’s money when an artist is the one who is putting the most effort into the music.1_Eminem_Apple.sff.jpgHopefully Eminem will get the money that he deserves in his law suit.


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