The Pendleton Panther

Who Will Win March Madness?

Posted on: March 18, 2010

I have been researching about the percentage of which team is going to win and well it is for sure not definitely one team.  I would have to say the favorite to win is Kentucky, Kentucky is one of the most famous for producing great players out of their program in years past.  This year, a phenomenon name John Wall helped the Wildcats to a number one seed in this years East bracket.  Their first game is against East Tennessee which should be a breeze considering their talent, although their next game may be very difficult to overcome.  They most likely will play Texas, Texas is a number 6 seed in the East bracket but do not underestimate Texas they were the number one seed in the nation at one point during the 2010 season.  Although they struggled after losing 3 straight games the Longhorns look forward to playing the Wildcats, they believe if they win against them, no team will stop their momentum for a national title.  This should be very interesting, but GO LOBOS!


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